Sunday, March 15, 2009

And Then There Were...

*UPDATE* It has come to my attention that numerous leagues still have one week left.  You will not be ignored.  Friday night I will post another weekend pick-up list for the desperate manager trying to steal the 6th seed on the season's final nights.  Please do continue reading the site in the meantime, as the playoff pick-up lists will remain thorough and comprehensive.


It's playoff time, and you can bid farewell to the half of your league that just didn't cut it (and clearly hasn't been reading FantasySports, One-a-Day).  Feel free to trash-talk a bit, though I can't promise any of those in the consolation bracket will be reading your notes.  First and second place are gearing up for the ever-important "Bye" while seeds 3 through 6 get to duke it out in the quarterfinals.

Today's message is extended mostly to teams 1 and 2.  Do not rest on your laurels.  A fantasy "bye" most certainly does not mean a managerial one.  This is a time of year when real NBA teams start to make drastic (and sometimes insane) personnel moves, and you need to be ready to jettison dead weight in favor of some up-and-coming superstars.  Last year around this time Milwaukee decided to hand the team over to young gun Ramon Sessions, and he went positively nuts over the final few weeks/fantasy playoffs.  There hasn't been a great deal of that just yet, but don't be fooled: the changes are coming.  And that is why, my fine patrons, the pick-up list will continue with only a few minor changes.  I see no real purpose in including names that belong on the "watch list."  There simply isn't time to track a player for a few weeks.  Not to mention, less work for me.

If you're a clever fellow, you'll pick up the theme as we go...

The Good:
  • Antonio McDyess - The greatest Antonio of them all.
  • Matt Barnes - Wishes he could play Golden State every night.
The Bad (Kinda good):
  • Trevor Ariza - We all knew he would get a couple steals (I believe Trevor is 9th in the NBA in that department), but a career high in points and a handful of 3's was a pretty juicy bonus.  Make no mistake, even in the starting lineup, Trevor loves to help you.  Just let him.
  • Kendrick Perkins - Overlooked by many (myself included), Perkins is still posting half-decent rebounding and block numbers.  His free-throw shooting is awful, but shoots around 60% from the field.
  • Mark Gasol - Keeps on hunting his feathered prey.
  • Joel Przybilla - Big men appear to be a dime a dozen.  Want 10 cents?
  • Samuel Dalembert - The fact that he's back to functioning is enough to make me sick.
The Ugly:
  • Pops Mensah-Bonsu - Inexplicable performance today.  What the hell?
  • Jason Thompson - May earn your trust in time, but I wouldn't risk using him yet.
Hope that helped.  As some chow for thought, as of this very moment, Phoenix is 5.0 games out o the playoffs in the Western Conference.  The New York Knicks are just 1.0 game back of Milwaukee.  Think the Suns miss Mike D'Antoni?

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