Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A Cryin' Shane

I figured since most people already have their fantasy lineups set for the week/night, we can embark upon this fantastic voyage with a rant about Yahoo!'s mysterious "O-rank."

Simply put, I don't get it.  Year in and year out valuable REAL-LIFE starters find themselves ranked in the hundreds.  Udonis Haslem and other point/rebound specialists apparently have no place on a fantasy team, yet Shane Battier, in all his craptacular glory -- 6 points, 3 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal and half a three-pointer (that's roughly a 13-foot jumper) -- is consistently rated as a middle-round draft choice.  A few other similar players have backpedaled their way into similar standing, but Battier remains the gold standard.

It seems like fantasy basketballers are finally starting to catch on.  Battier remains a free agent in all three leagues I'm currently patrolling.  Still, it's inevitable that some unfortunate autodrafter will wind up on antidepressants, or dead, in 2010, thanks to Shane's O-rank.  As my first official for-the-public fantasy mandate, I command all drafters, both auto and manual, to PLEASE place Shane Battier in the do-not-draft list.  

For those of you who ignore my warnings, Tylenol and Tequila should provide a nice inflatable pool to drown your sorrows.
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