Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Doc Rivers, Overprotective Mother

I'm just waiting for the rumors to surface that Doc packs Paul Pierce a sack lunch on game days.  A nice PB&J, maybe a banana, definitely a Capri Sun, and a loving note.

As an LA guy, I can't bring myself to truly like the Celtics, but I'm betting I can build rapport with Celtic nation with tonight's assessment of Doc Rivers.  Enough is enough, Dr. Rivers, if that IS your real degree.  Your team is, to a certain extent, flailing, and with this evening's tough loss to the Magic in the books, the Celtics have fallen into a tie with the aforementioned Orlando Sleight-of-Hand (it's an illusion, Michael).  Rivers has repeated over and over that he'd rather sacrifice home court to be at full strength come playoff time, but after watching Boston play to the tune of a 2-4 road record in March, I'd say it's time to abandon "stay the course."  Might I suggest the alternative of strategy B - "win the game?"

Kevin Garnett has only been allowed to play around 16 minutes per game since coming back from his rather serious injury.  Yes, playing KG for 40 minutes does increase the chance that he reinjures his leg, and puts him at greater risk of suffering an auxiliary injury, but this is Kevin Garnett we're talking about, not Marcus Camby.  Of Garnett's 13 prior NBA seasons, the Big Ticket has never, and I'll pause to let your mind begin to wrap itself around this, NEVER, missed more than 11 games.  I'd offer the rather mundane commentary that Kevin Garnett isn't terribly injury prone, and the slightly more absurd corollary that he'd probably play through a torn ligament if it meant his team would win.

As a final thought, if the Celtics do fall behind the Magic, they'd be forced to play Philadelphia in the first round instead of the reeling Pistons, the Magic without home court in the second round, and the Cavs on the road in the Eastern Conference finals.  A cake walk, right?

The Playoff Pickup List continues...

Perform untold acts of masochism for:
  • Thaddeus Young - ...if you need points.
  • Wilson Chandler - ...if you need fair all-around game.
Keep an eye out for:
  • Andray Blatche - The battle for the center spot in Washington may be leaning the way of the Blatche.  The entire Wizards roster is so darn pathetic, if Blatche is merely IN the game, he should factor into the box score.  It's not like he has anyone to defer to, aside from trick-releaser Antawn "Don't Call me Anton" Jamison.
  • Udonis Haslem - Oh No Udon('t)is had a pleasant little double-double, but still isn't a factor defensively.  If you need a one-day rebounder, Haslem could be useful, but he is certainly not a long-term option.
  • Jeff Foster - Troy Murphy is hurt again, and Foster, a soaring rebounder, will make with the glass-crashing until T.R.O.Y. returns.
  • Chris Duhon - Believe it or not, after a top-30 start to the season, Duhon's recent slump led to quite a few teams letting go of the Knicks point guard.  Mike D'Antoni wants Duhon playing 40 minutes a game, and when he does, he's darn close to a double-double, points and assists.
  • Matt Barnes - A must-have two weeks ago, Barnes dropped off when Grant Hill's foot healed.  May be finding his stroke again, and if he gets hot, could contribute in a variety of tough-to-find specialty categories (3's and steals, namely).
  • Ronnie Brewer - Was playing through some tendinitis, but had a very nice multi-cat game tonight against the Suns.  Phoenix will do some statistical inflation, but this may be a sign that Brewer is getting right again.
  • Charlie Bell - What's a Buck worth, these days?
  • Anderson Varejao - Zero consistency.
  • Mike Taylor - One decent game against the Knicks, with overtime.  Do it again and we'll talk.
Err - I hate to think I am the only person seeing these advertisements for cellulite treatment.  Makes me laugh every time I load the page.  

Also, nice work in the NEW SMACK ZONE to those of you who not only located but also posted.  If you're on the prowl, check the right sidebar about half-way down the page.


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