Friday, March 13, 2009

Don Nelson Hates Two-Wheelers

Let's crack this TGIF edition open with some player notes - theme: cell phones.

Zack Morris's infamous brick phone (a hero of our time):
  • Antonio McDyess - I still can't believe my eyes, but Antonio is truly shining as Detroit's starting center (he'll move back to PF when Rasheed returns).  There is simply too much shock and far too great a quantity of awe on my part to make heads or tails of it, but he's a fantasy juggernaut right now.
  • Ryan Gomes/Mike Miller - As long as Randy Foye is out, these two will captain the Timberwolves sinking ship.  For fantasy purposes, it's better to be a good player(s) on a bad team.
iPhone (We're just lying to ourselves if we claim we don't want one, even if it's just to look cool):
  • Rodney Stuckey - Not his finest recent performance, but better than most.
  • Thaddeus Young - The points keep pouring in.  Rumor has it Thaddeus has been working with a noted local 6th grade bully to get over his fear of rebounding.
  • Leon Powe - The Big Beneficiary wedged the entire Grizzlies roster into a plastic cup.  Tremendous for one more game, then back to a solid, if fantasy-irrelevant bench player.
  • Mark Gasol - You can take the man out of the wild, but you can't take the wild out of the man; Pau's half-man, half-wolf brother remains a top center pick-up.
  • Wilson Chandler - Chris Duhon finally decided to take a few games off, and Chandler should see a nice boost.  It's a gamble, but it could just pay off for the fantasy owner who rolls the dice.
  • Rasual Butler - Four more 3-pointers makes 10 in the last 2 games.  Specialist, extraordinaire.
Blackberry Storm, Blackberry Touch, Blackberry Burrito Bowl, etc.:
  • Samuel Dalembert - After posting two week's worth of games that made Shawn Bradley turn his head in shame, Dalembert branded the Bulls, taking Joakim Noah over his knee and laying into him with Rodman-like rage.  Keep your eye on Sammy.  I ran out of patience with him recently, but a few games like this one and he'll be back off the waiver wire.
Any phone that just makes phone calls (heaven forbid!):
  • Mikael Pietrus - Posted first-round numbers tonight, but will scamper back into the woods when Turkoglu gets right.
  • Nick Young - Caron Butler's hamstring tightened up again, and Young had a nice game, but just too many health question marks on the Wizards to trust anyone.
  • Anderson Varejao - Supremely overrated from a fantasy perspective.  There are at least 3 or 4 other big men who will serve you better in the short and long term.
That was your curveball of the night, pick-ups BEFORE the commentary!  As you may or may not have gathered, the brief focus of tonight's article (rant) is that rag-tag bunch up in Northern California.  Baron Davis left for the Clippers, and both the Warriors AND the Clippers have made 2009 the year of the gas bubble.  Davis's aggressive, rebellious style of play fit much better into Don Nelson's small-ball scheme up in Oakland, but he is not solely to blame for the Warriors precipitous drop-off.

A stat that I haven't seen posted many places is the Warriors record with and without Monta Ellis.  Maybe that point is better publicized by the bay, but across the rest of the globe, we're left to believe that Golden State has nothing now, and little to look forward to.  These numbers, though, are ABSURD.  Without Monta "Wheelieee!" Ellis court side, the Warriors are 14-36.  With Monta, they're 9-6.  That's a difference in win percentage of 32 full points.  Chris Mullin, you did not deserve this.

A one-sentence paragraph, for your reading pleasure: Doesn't Lebron deserve a superhero nickname?  Thoughts, comments?

And now the horn-tooting.  Another solid day of wagering advice.  After a 4-4 start to the week, we've gone 6-1 over the last 2 nights.  It's bound to balance out a little bit at some point, but a hot streak's a hot streak.  Hop on this freight train and make it rain!
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