Friday, March 06, 2009

Friday Night, and My Tummy Hurts

Technically, I shouldn't be watching any of the ESPN NBA Friday, but last night's Hungry Man frozen dinner is tomahawk jamming my lower intestines, so here I sit.

Side note - kudos to me on my first night of Daily Sports picks; kudos to any of you who were diligent enough to not only check my page often enough to see the sports betting addition, but also place those bets in the 2 hour window I left for you.  I had the Spurs(-12.5), and the Pistons (-9).  They won by 22 and 17, respectively.  Check back tomorrow around 3pm EST for Saturday night's pick(s).

Tonight's free agent theme - TV dinners

TGIFriday's $9.00 Steak Fajitas:
  • Delonte West (Pros: All-around performer. Cons: Will consistently be a 3rd or 4th option on offense) - had a rough game tonight against the Celtics impossible defense, but generally does a fair amount in a few categories without hurting your team in any.
  • Rodney Stuckey (Pros: points, assists, steals. Cons: FG%, turnovers) - according to a fairly reliable board game, Stuckey killed A.I. in the conservatory.
  • Ramon Sessions (see Mega Pickup List, v1.0 post from 2 days ago)

Supermarket Brand Budget Pot Pies:
  • Mikael Pietrus - Doesn't see consistent minutes. Tonight was an anomaly.
  • Jason Maxiell - Picked up nice points and boards in the Pistons brutal massacre of the Warriors.
  • Aaron Brooks - 1 great game, 2 awful ones. His pattern is pretty clear, which means he's due for 2 bad ones.  Might just make my pickup list in 4 days.
  • Matt Barnes - Barnes and Barbosa got the minutes tonight, and Grant Hill fermented in Houston.  Barbosa is here to stay, but if you can figure out the Barnes/Hill mess, comments are welcome.
  • J.R. Smith - word is that he may continue to start for the Nuggets even after the team gets healthy, but I'm going to need to see 3 or 4 straight directed efforts from this troublesome firecracker before I bump him into the TGIF category.
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