Saturday, March 07, 2009

L.A. Clippers...Hair Salon?

Quick site notes -- added a SMACKZONE down at the farthest bottom of the page where you can voice your opinions about sports, my sideburns, your ex, whatever you want.  I'm just now figuring out how to get it set up properly, so if you stumble upon conversations I had yesterday, I apologize.  You will only learn that I didn't know what I was doing, which shouldn't be much of a surprise.

Also added a sports scoreboard over on the right.  If all goes according to plan, and I realize this is a bit of a stretch, perhaps those of you who really, truly, love your pal Dan will begin to use that little scoreboard instead of the huge ones at regular sports websites.  Stay at my page, you don't even need to refresh, and you can chat with other maniacs in the SMACKZONE.  There is also a handy new little Google Search Bar just below the header to the right.  You can search your favorite engine right from your favorite blog!

The Clippers/Pacers game is part way through the third quarter as I begin this note, and I'm fairly sure that I'm going to lose that bet.  Zach Randolph made the surprise appearance off the bench, and has totally reversed the momentum.  We'll see what happens, but if that bet goes down the toilet, you'll know why.  I suppose it's not over yet, and they ARE the Clippers.  That pudgy little former JailBlazer is about the only thing working for Frankie Muniz's precious basketball love toy.  Marcus Camby's sinuses have collapsed upon themselves, Baron Davis has magically transformed into Eric Snow (plus 3 turnovers), Chris Kaman is nowhere to be found (despite his 7'0" stature and sun-reflecting dome), and Donald Sterling still owns the team.  And Elgin Baylor is suing.  Perhaps with some prodding we can get a guest article on the Elgin Baylor lawsuit (you know who you are) that breaks down the sides.

Without further ado, the agents of freedom.  Seasonings?

Mrs. Dash (shakes it so right):
  • Delonte West (Pros: All around) - consistency for the fantasy team already in the playoffs
  • Rasual Butler (Pros: 3's, points. Cons: Value hinges on Peja) - the squad that needs 3's and points to make a push
  • Mark Gasol (Pros: FG%, points, boards, steals, blocks) - RED HOT, should be grabbed and started against all weak defenses until further notice
  • Ramon Sessions - repetition is key; this guy is solid, scores well and dishes it out
  • Mike Conley (Pros: points, assists. Cons: FG%, turnovers) - I almost didn't bother including him because I figured he's not really a bubble player, but then, there might be some 8 or 10 team leagues out there where he might not be on anybody's team yet.
  • Ryan Gomes (Pros: points. Cons: fairly one-dimensional)
Sodium-free salt (chloride ion?):
  • Sebastian Telfair - Way more trouble than he's worth, though Kevin McHale confiscated his firearms, so at least his teammates feel safe in the locker room again.
  • Al Thornton - Ultra short term "solution."
  • Travis Outlaw - Hefty performance, but not enough minutes to maintain.
  • Julian Wright - No.
  • Fred Jones - Don't.
  • Mike James - Stop.


Anonymous said...

Is Mark Gasol the NBA player who most closely resembles a wild animal?

Mike said...

piggy backing on that, is Jermareo Davidson (Warriors) the NBA player who most closely resembles Coolio

Danno said...

In order..

Yes, and are we sure it wasn't Jermareo who got busted for narcotics in LA?

Chubot said...

You know, the Jermareo theory is making more and more sense. Has Coolio really been reduced to crack? And bringing it to the airport?

Danno said...

Coolio's never been one to find humor in the lighter side of things - remember the Weird Al incident? I just can't believe he would put himself in such a clown-worthy situation.

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