Monday, April 13, 2009

Avoiding 8th

It's almost unbelievable how many fantasy players are currently impacted by the desire to AVOID the Los Angeles Lakers in the first round of the playoffs.

The New Orleans Hornets, Utah Jazz and Dallas Mavericks are easily the 3 most directly effected by said playoff seeding race, but those 3 teams can make or break a number of fantasy team's results in the finals.  The #1 fantasy player on the planet, Chris Paul, is wedged in there, Dirk Nowitzki, Deron Williams, Jason Kidd, David West, Mehmet Okur, Carlos Boozer, and so on and so forth.  As it stands now, the Jazz are almost assured the 8th seed, barring huge collapses from both Dallas and New Orleans.  Utah would also have to beat the Lakers tomorrow, which makes their plight just that much greater.  That being said, the Rockets are currently leveling the Hornets, and the Mavs are stuck in a trench-battle with the Timberwolves.  If the Hornets lose and the Mavs win, they move back into a tie, which virtually guarantees that the stars on both of those teams will have to play on Wednesday.  Chris Paul owners just collectively let out an adulterous cheer for Shane Battier.

Other stars are mysteriously dropping.  Dwight Howard had a surprise night off, though it seemed inevitable that he would rest at SOME point.  The best advice I can give at this point is to collect all the information you can (which you are currently doing by reading this tequila shot of an article), then cross your fingers.  Know who is DEFINITELY going to rest; know who MIGHT rest and plan accordingly.

One of the key moves that very few Yahoo! fantasy players know about is that for many games the starting lineups are posted BEFORE the listed start time.  If you are diligent, and check a particular game's lineup 2-3 minutes before the start time, that can give you an indication of a potential DNP for one of your superstars.  Such was the case today for Dwight Howard -- refreshing the box score of the Orlando/Milwaukee game repeatedly leading up to game time showed that Marcin "New Ostertag" Gortat was in the starting lineup, and Dwight Howard could be benched for a healthy, playing center.

Lebron James and the NBA best Cavaliers knocked off the Pacers today, which both secured a nice betting win for our Daily Wager Zone, but also locked up home court for the Cavs throughout the playoffs.  Unfortunately, that means Lebron, Zydrunas and Mo Williams are set to bust out the chaise loungers on Wednesday.  Find other options if you've been relying on these sorts.  Despite the temptation to half-ass it, here is a list of the mid-level players that could easily step up and have monster games on the season's last day:

  • D.J. Augustin 
  • C.J. Watson
  • Chris Douglas-Roberts
  • Brandon Rush
  • Rodney Stuckey 
  • J.R. Smith
  • Andres Nocioni
  • Francisco Garcia 
  • Bobby Jackson
  • Sebastian Telfair
  • Mike Miller
  • Rodney Carney
  • Steve Blake
  • Travis Outlaw
  • Andrew Bynum
  • Louis Williams
In reality, if you're in the finals, you can probably pull up a list like that on your own.  You aren't generally the folks that need my assistance, which is exactly why I refrained from writing a paragraph about every player on the above list.  Good luck to your teams!

Some interesting news with regards to these fantasy articles, as well.  Your friendly, neighborhood fantasy guru has been enlisted to provide the good folks of BasketballFanNation with his infinite wisdom.  Stay tuned, as links to this page will be posted for your viewing pleasure in tomorrow's FINAL BASKETBALL POST.  We'll try to wrap up the site's efforts on basketball, and I would absolutely ADORE some feedback for the baseball season, as well as next year's basketball advice.  The page is for YOU, so your desires are those which must be met.  Comment, email, whatever - let me know what worked and what didn't!

Then, in the immortal words of the greatest broadcaster of all time (and an idol of mine) Vin Scully, it's time for Dodger baseball.

And Fantasy Baseball updates, as well.  I won't leave you all hanging.  But seriously, go Dodgers.


DW said...

Where do/did you see Indy getting the majority of wagers?!? Every consensus site I have seen shows Cavs getting an overwhelming majority of the bets.

Danno said...

I think it had to be just the very first few bets this morning. It definitely swung back in favor of the Cavs by closer to gametime. Didn't check the line later today - did it move from the -3 I posted?

Unknown said...

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