Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Changing Gears

When the last two games finish tonight, the week will be 3/7 complete, which should be just about enough time/games for you to determine which categories you stand the best chance of winning.  It's time, now, to think about sacrificing 1 or 2 (or even 3) categories to ensure that you win at least 5 of the remaining (6 or) 7 or 8.  I suggested saving a few games in the early parts of the week, and now you see why.  This is relevant only in leagues where the total number of games played is tracked -- otherwise, obviously, play your best guys that aren't hurt.  Not too many decisions there.

Most DAILY leagues worth their salt will either impose a weekly move limit or weekly game limit to keep teams from picking up and dropping 3 players a day and trying to get a bonus 21 games per week during the playoffs.  If your league allows daily moves but does not have a limit on games, it's time to find a new league.  The playoffs will be the most annoying 3.5 weeks of your season.

We'll continue under the assumption that you're playing in a competitive league with a few restrictions, which is the way we have been strategizing thus far.  If you've been starting only your top 9 or 10 players so far, you should (hopefully) be about 2-3 games behind your opponent.  This gives you a distinct advantage throughout the remainder of the week.  As mentioned above, take a look at your matchup, and pick 5 or 6 statistical groups you think you can win.  If you're still on the fence, play it safe again tomorrow, then reassess for the week's final 3 days.  Starting tomorrow evening, I will be posting a category specific pick-up list for those following my winning techniques.  Due to the distinct lack of time left in the season, the 3-tiered pick-up lists will be trimmed to just 2.

  • Ramon Sessions - The kid is back, baby.  Seemed to hit something of a wall, but with all the pressure now officially off the Bucks, Ramon is playing with a renewed vigor.  One can only hope that Sessions doesn't ONLY play well in the last 8 meaningless games of the season.
  • Chris Kaman - Finally recovered from...the embarrassment of being the worst player on the German Olympic Team?  No, that's not right.  Well, it doesn't matter.  Kaman's playing again, and since Marcus Camby has reverted to his pre-op breakaway glass chassis, Kaman should be in the neighborhood of a double-double with the potential for a block or two.  A solid 13th or 14th player for your team.
  • Grant Hill - Due to HIPAA regulations, we cannot fully disclose the case, but we're being told that Grant Hill's surgically repaired, surgically reconstructed, microsurgically tweaked ankle's composition is 33% hemp, 33% never-flat basketball and 33% essence of Robert Parish.
  • Keyon Dooling - Doolz played so well while Devin Harris was out that he's been awarded the starting shooting guard spot even after Harris returned.  While no one was watching, Dooling turned himself into a pretty darn good shooter.
  • Eddie House - Currently working on a grass roots campaign to implement a 30-foot, 4-point line.
  • Javaris Crittendon - Back-to-back good games are tempting, but you must stay away.  Gilbert Arenas will pop up and play, and everyone on the Wizards will see their stats tank.  Then Arenas will sit again, and things will look decent.  It's just too much effort for too little reward.
There's certainly an in-between group that includes Mario Chalmers, Raja Bell, Mark Gasol and Andray Blatche, but because they're not sure bets in either direction, we'll save these characters for the weekend Emergency Reserve (E.R.).

Also, I posted a link last night that seemed to be a pretty reliable online streaming NBA site.  I checked it out again tonight, and it worked.  There are some pretty annoying, obtrusive advertisements on the site, but if you can deal with all the riff-raff, you can usually get about 40-50% of all nightly games for free.  I'll post it again for those who missed out:

Seriously, it's awesome.  Try it out tomorrow.


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