Monday, April 06, 2009


The NBA bowed to other sporting events tonight.  No sense trying to go head-to-head with the NCAA Tournament Finals AND baseball's first full day of action.

If you missed the only mildly interesting conclusion to the 2009 Madness, well, most of us are now envious of the extra time you had this evening.  Michigan State, the tough little Spartans that powered their way through ESPN's complete lack of coverage and every analyst's downright incorrect assessment of the team's skills, finally came down to the Earth.  I will admit, I didn't know a great deal about the Spartans heading into the tournament, so I tried to gnaw on the factual rawhide the experts were tossing my way, but I found myself in a state of confusion.  Every analyst had a different synopsis.  Is this team a slow-it-down, grind-it-out jaw-breaking bunch, or is it an up-tempo, blast you out of the gym group of maniacs?  This coverage reminded me vaguely of Chip Caray's pathetic attempt to cover the Cleveland Indians during the 2007 MLB postseason.  And as a side note from someone who understands the "who you know" motto, doesn't skill have to enter the mix at SOME point?  Harry Caray was legendary.  Skip Caray was decent; revered by his team's fans.  But this Chip fellow has gripped the coattails of life with a grip unwavering.  He is easily among my top-5 most undeserving play-by-play broadcasters.

Baseball's first day was interrupted by weather in some areas, namely, Chicago and Boston.  Bud Selig was not consulted before mother nature clobbered two of his most lucrative markets.  The Orioles beat the Yankees to ruin my first baseball wager, which at this point is mostly experimental.

I know there are a fair number of L.A. folks out there, so it's definitely worth mentioning that the Dodgers came up with a nice win on Opening Day (in San Diego no less!).  Most people across the nation would seriously question a Dodger fan's enthusiasm for a victory over the lowly Padres, but everyone out there that has watched L.A. flail against the Padres year after year knows just how special a win over Jake Peavy can be.  Hiroki Kuroda pitched well as the staff's "ace", and the young guys did it at the plate, with James Loney, Andre Ethier, and Matt Kemp each picking up RBIs.

As noted, we will not be analyzing baseball in our fantasy-eye until the basketball season ends in 9 days.  Until then, you can deal with my unabashed favoritism for the Dodgers, and extreme loathing for the Giants.  In a fortunate turn of events for San Francisco, the Giants did not play tonight on no-NBA Monday, sparing them my wrath for another week.  I can hardly wait to see Tim Lincecum post a 2.02 ERA and go 6-13 on the season.  Ah, so satisfying.

I'll be attempting to implement more media in my posts from here forward, so get ready to have your senses massaged.  In addition, I believe we are VERY close to moving to a more fitting domain name.  The fantasy finals kick off tomorrow for real - stay tuned!


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