Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Dirty Lowdown(s)

Yeah, I tried to get cute with the title.  What of it?  There wasn't a great deal going on tonight - just 9 baseball games on the short Thursday schedule.  Not to mention the majority of NBA Playoff games tonight were stinkers.  It called for some fancy footwork on the part of my editorial staff (me).

So, you read on, wondering "what's with the parenthetical 's'?"  Well, the focal point of tonight's post is the NEW Blue Jays' closer, SCOTT DOWNS.

Downs has been outstanding thus far this year.  He will lose an opportunity here and there to the likes of Jason Frasor, but with B.J. Ryan adding injury to insult (in this case, see, he was terrible, and now he's hurt, in that order), Downs should be good for 5-10 saves, maybe more.  He was ALREADY owned in both of my leagues, but you best make a quick snap n' grab before the rest of those vultures gnaw at the sumptuous closer dish.

Two starters that have been hovering near the bubble put up solid numbers again.  

WANDY RODRIGUEZ is DEFINITELY still under the radar, mostly because of his unfortunate 1-2 record.  But if you're deterred by record, I recommend you take a peek at Wandy's ERA, which is an astonishing 1.80.  Today, Wandy held the Dodgers to just a run over 6 innings in a losing effort, but if the Astros heat up mid-season like they always do, Wandy could be staring down the barrel of an 8 or 9-win second half of the season.  

EDWIN JACKSON, if the Tigers would play any defense, would be a top-50 fantasy player right now.  We'll see how tonight's game turns out, but as of the 5th inning, Jackson was pitching well enough to win (again...), but 2 errors behind him have led to a tie ballgame.   Things could obviously take a ferocious downturn in the 5th and after, but no matter how you slice it, Jackson's got the stuff, the mental toughness (which he decidedly did NOT have a few years back), and he's spotting his pitches.  *Update* The game has gotten a little ugly, and right on cue, TWO more errors behind Jackson.  I don't care how the box score looks, Edwin was taken out of his rhythm too many times by the terrible Tigers 'D' to be as effective as he can be. 

KYLE LOHSE is probably not a free agent in your league.  Just wanted to make sure his name didn't get lost in the shuffle.  If you're in a league that charges for moves, or a small league, he could still be available, and it looks like he's prime to ride the Cardinals offensive machine to at least 13 or 14 wins this season.

We had a few nice performances from two unexpected starters tonight.  We'll give them the fantasy tip o' the cap, but I wouldn't recommending picking up either Dave Bush or Adam Eaton.

Most weekend series kick off tomorrow, hopefully we can score a few nice betting lines.  Today's game was an easy winner after a lackluster Wednesday.  I don't care how much you're laying down, today's win takes our record to a robust 10-3 in the baseball season, and a combined 20 games over .500 if you rock the summation of 10-3 (baseball) and 48-35 basketball.  Let's say, hypothetically, you're a $10/game sort.  Let's make the goal 40 games over .500, so you can go out and get that 37" HDTV on sale at Best Buy.

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