Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gloating for Dummies

I love it when it all comes together.

Just days after getting the Fantasy Sports, One-a-Day stamp of victory, Adam Laroche bashed 4 hits in 5 at-bats, scored twice and drove in his 10th run of the month.  If that wasn't enough, A's catcher Kurt "I'm not Ichiro" Suzuki slugged a 3-run shot off The Big Monopoly Man in the Bronx.  But fantasy-sport analysis is not about living in the past, it is about trying to predict the future.  So, I hereby reaffirm my recommendation on the two players listed above, and follow that up with these fiery champions of the diamond.

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Over the coming weeks, this site will contain more and more mentions and graphics from that overseer, which will to a certain degree legitimize what we do here.  For real fantasy nuts, Baseball Fan Nation features weekly fantasy contests with cash and other prizes.  Feel free to check it out via the link contained herein, as the flash graphic in the right sidebar is currently having technical issues.

Now, the fellas:

Melky Cabrera - This is most certainly not a call to arms on Melky, since his playing time in a crowded Yankees outfield has been short of impressive.  Rather, this is just to serve notice that he's hitting the ball well, and may play himself into a more permanent starting role.

Mike Lowell - This one blew my mind.  Every year Lowell comes back from injury mid-season and rakes.  This year, he's healthy to start the season, and gets passed over in most leagues for scrotal sacks like Edgar Renteria.  Admittedly, they do not play the same position, but I can't fathom how Lowell isn't ranked higher.  He hits for average in a powerful lineup, and may be one of the most unheralded RBI machines in the league.  I'd pick him up if he's out there.  He's easily top-15 3B - probably top-10.

Brian Bannister - This one caught me by surprise, and I apologize.  Bannister's been following the normal learning curve, with an excellent '07, a poor '08, and now he's back in '09, looking to prove he's ready.  He is of the injury-replacement mold due to his low strikeout totals, but should post a decent ERA and won't walk many.

*BURNING EMBER* Todd Coffey - It's official, Carlos Villanueva is out as the temporary closer in Milwaukee. Trevor Hoffman is expected to return to the majors within a week, but that could mean 1 or 2 saves for Coffey, very important in Roto leagues.  You never know when ONE point could make all the difference.  Grab him, start him, and prepare to dump him once THE HOFF makes his return.  Going to be weird not seeing Hoffman in San Diego's defecate brown unis.

Braden Looper - 6 shutout innings, 0 strikeouts. It's sorta like starting Richie Sexson 3 years ago.  25 homers, .210 average.  If you can take the bad, the good is very good.  If you can't stomach the bad, maybe chug Pepto?

*SMOLDERING BRIQUETTE* Rafael Soriano - Things are a little loopy in Atlanta.  A great many fantasy owners have already mortgaged the farm to get their grubby hands on Rafael Soriano.  While it is indeed true that Soriano picked up a second save, it's tough to say who will get the call on any particular night.  Soriano hasn't been scored upon this season, which probably means he'll be the man for at least the next few chances, but Mike Gonzalez could slip back in when Rafael tweaks a knee.  Still, as was the case above with Coffey, one or two saves could make all the difference.  I'd mortgage the cow pasture, but not the whole farm, to get him.

Aaron Hill - If you didn't pick him up last time, maybe another 2-for-5 night will do the trick.

Joel Pineiro - See Braden Looper.

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