Sunday, April 12, 2009

How'd I Did

...and the Sunday recap...

Sunday Predicted:
  • Kendrick Perkins - 7 rebounds, 1 block
  • Wilson Chandler - 18 points, 2 threes, 2 steals, 1 block
  • Mario Chalmers - 1 three, 2 steals
  • Samuel Dalembert - 3 blocks
  • Anthony Parker - 13 points, 1 steal
  • Roger Mason - 12 points, 2 threes
  • Francisco Garcia - 1 three, 2 steals, 2 blocks
  • Jason Thompson - 10 rebounds
  • Spencer Hawes - 15 points, 9 rebounds
  • Mark Gasol - 7 rebounds
  • Trevor Ariza - 2 steals
  • Andrew Bynum - 8 rebounds, 1 block

Sunday Actual:
  • Kendrick Perkins - 6 rebounds, 2 blocks
  • Wilson Chandler - 21 points, 1 three, 1 steal, 0 blocks
  • Mario Chalmers - 2 threes, 4 steals (also added 15 points, 9 assists)
  • Samuel Dalembert - 1 blocks (12 rebounds a decent side bonus)
  • Anthony Parker - 18 points, 3 steals
  • Roger Mason - 22 points, 5 threes (the underestimation of the century!)
  • Francisco Garcia - 2 threes, 2 steals, 0 blocks
  • Jason Thompson - 11 rebounds
  • Spencer Hawes - 24 points, 8 rebounds (2 threes, and 3 blocks as well, but that's why he's not a free agent in most leagues...)
  • Mark Gasol - 8 rebounds
  • Trevor Ariza - 3 steals
  • Andrew Bynum - 5 rebounds, 1 block
Unfortunately, the rest of the way, stars will rest when you need them to play and play when you bench them.  Even the best strategy is powerless to overcome terrible luck over the next few days.  You CAN, however, swing luck slightly in your favor by making the prudent calls.  If possible, ignore the urge to throw a question mark into your lineup.  At this stage of the game (as in, the last 3 days of the FINALS), the single most important winner's strategy is to play as many games as your league allows.  Whether that number is 40, 50, 55, 75, whatever, don't get caught with your pants down on the season's final day with 4 of your 10 players resting for the playoffs.

With that in mind, I'll rattle off a quick list of potential replacements for the season's anticlimax.
  • D.J. Augustin - Raja Bell is hurt, and the Bobcats (narrowly) missed the playoffs.  A very successful season on the shelf for the young 'Cats, it's time to give the youth a chance to run the show.  Augustin started, played over 40 minutes, and posted 15 points, 8 assists and 3 threes in yesterday's loss in Chicago.  He should be a SAFE, yet high-upside play for his final 2 games.
  • Keyon Dooling - Devin Harris has a sore shoulder, wants to play through it, and just might do so, but no way the Nets let their star guard log big minutes.  Dooling was playing a good deal of SG even when Harris was healthy, and with the added minutes at the point, he should collect a few bonus assists on top of his decent scoring, 1-2 threes per game, and near-perfect free throw percentage.
  • C.J. Watson - Who?  An undrafted sophomore out of Tennessee, Watson burst into fantasy relevance with a monster game yesterday.  Jamal Crawford is expected to play Monday in the home finale, but Monta Ellis is out for the year, as are Corey Maggette and Marco Belinelli, leaving Watson as the team's only player with passing ability.  His assist totals for the season's final 2 games should exceed 6 or 7, and if Crawford skips the road finale on Wednesday, Watson might be expected to score 20 points as well.
  • Andrew Bynum - A big man looking to prove he's back?  Sign me up!  He hasn't blocked any shots since returning, but you can bet your bottom dollar Bynum is going to play with a fire in his belly.  He should be rested, too, after missing almost 8 weeks due to injury.  Obviously, we can't promise 20-10 nights, but Bynum's size alone should be enough to guarantee >50% field goal numbers, as well as a few rebounds every time he spends multiple minutes on the court.  The blocks may or may not return before the regular season ends, as Andrew learns to trust his knees day by day.  Still, Bynum is a sure bet to get minutes, as opposed to some big men out there that might take a night or two off (see: David West, Pau Gasol, Yao Ming, Tim Duncan, Antonio McDyess, Chris Bosh, and many more).
Hope this helps.  Tomorrow's post will take a peek at what to expect on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then Tuesday's post will wrap up basketball season!  I hope everyone is as ready for the fantasy baseball insanity.  As always...I'LL READ THE BOX SCORES IF YOU TAKE MY ADVICE!


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