Saturday, April 11, 2009

It Begins

This most recent Friday evening was truly the beginning of BENCHFEST '09, and suddenly Finals week takes a drastic turn for the worse.  Try, for a moment at least, to subdue the initial reaction of "panic" and approach the week with a slightly altered strategy.

First and foremost, this weekend is still a solid time to make up ground against your opponent.  The Emergency Reserve list was posted for a reason, so use it and try to take the lead either today or tomorrow.  Monday through Wednesday, like we've noted before, is for maintaining, since almost all your players will be going on both Monday and Wednesday, and very few players of note will be suiting up on Tuesday.  Did you hear all that?  MAKE YOUR MOVE NOW!

A few newsworthy NBA tidbits on this short post:
  • Keep your eyes on the New Jersey Nets.  Vince Carter has surrendered 10 minutes of his playing time to rookie Chris Douglas-Roberts, and Devin Harris may have some sore spots he'd like rested/massaged.  Someone(s), and I'm thinking he (they) go(es) by the name of Keyon Dooling (or Douglas-Roberts), is going to start firing up all kinds of shots.
  • The Portland Trailblazers managed to shut down Kobe Bryant, and (besides the Bobcats) appear to the only team that can slow down the Lakers.  This could make for a very interesting postseason series.  Though, there is one department where I fear the Trailblazers can't use their home floor to take the advantage, and that's the illustrious duty of postseason lobbyist.  The Zen Master is in a league all his own in that one.  Phil Jackson will extract the Trailblazers ability to focus (without anesthesia), and I honestly believe that could be the difference in the series.
  • The Phoenix Suns did the thinkable and gave their stars half games off.  This was quite possibly the worst news that Suns owners could have hoped for: either bench them or don't!  Now, though, they're playing partial games, wasting valuable roster space for the mere prospect of reward.  Don't take the risk -- pick someone else up and get them in there for your Suns immediately.  How many folks out there are excited to see what mayhem Mr. Sarver pulls this offseason?  I have the sneaking suspicion the Suns starting 5 for the '09-'10 season is going to be Nash (of course), Michael Redd, Bobby Simmons, a genetically engineered corn tortilla and the triumphant return of Jake Voskuhl.
  • The new player-tracker at the top of the page will make the flip over to Major League Baseball on Tuesday, accompanied by an on-site announcement.  Hopefully your team hasn't collapsed into the cellar in the first week.  Hold strong, as the Fantasy Sports Champion (self-proclaimed) will rescue you soon.
  • In a most insane turn of events...Marcus Camby played.  He looked rusty, but he did grab 11 rebounds and hand out 4 assists.  Prior to yesterday, I would have said the best place to find Camby over the season's final week would be the La Brea Tar Pits with the other brontosaur, but apparently he found the finest glass-blower in town and melted his flimsy carcass back together.  Someone in your league might have dropped Marcus 2 weeks ago -- if so, give the freak a look.
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