Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jamie Moyer & His Omega-3

It's really a wonder of modern athletics how a rickety old Jamie Moyer can continue to succeed at the Major League level.  Moyer improved to 12-1 lifetime against the Marlins with his overwhelming win today.  I would think, though I have no proof, that Moyer could be considered an idol or hero to a number of folks toiling in the Minors -- those hundreds upon hundreds of pitchers that were not genetically blessed with a 98mph fastball.  Heck, those hundreds more than can barely crack 82.  And believe me, there are tons of 'em.  As we speak, I'd wager 10-15 "soft-tossers" are debating their future in baseball.  Stick it out until they cut you, pal!

Two more wins in the sports wagering zone.  I've been doing some research across the web, and there are an awful lot of pages that boast winning records or sure bets or boast how much money they're making, but out of all the pages I've viewed, maybe 10% (at MOST) actually post each pick free BEFORE the game begins, and of those that do, only 25% (or so) have record of their bets.  I'm wondering what readers feel needs to be done to draw more attention to the fact that we have the most comprehensive, yet the simplest betting scheme of just about any site out there.  Also, you may have noticed the switch to the algebra-friendly "UNIT" variable.  All old documents have been updated with the variable, and no further changes should be needed going forward.  Some may scoff at this "word" appearing where a number "should be," but in an effort to be as thorough as possible, this is the best method.  Just put your "average bet" where the word "unit" is, and you'll have your winnings.  For example:

Average bet = u = $10.00
NBA Current Record = +10.5u (based on 49-35-2)
Winnings => 10.5 * $10.00 = $105.00


Now, open your books to page 42...

JORDAN ZIMMERMAN - We've done some fantasy features before on pitchers, and let me remind you that just because his name is in capital bold font, that doesn't mean go out and pick him up.  Zimmerman is very young, 2-0 in his short career, but I will admit he's been impressive.  The sky is truly the limit, but there will be some bumps.  If you're clinging to other young pitchers like Max Scherzer or Clayton Kershaw, Zimmerman may be the kind of pitcher you could pick up for those guys.  He appears slightly more polished, using both sides of the plate and economizing his pitch count.  He also snapped a Nationals road losing streak that was fluttering in the mid-teens.  All that being said, he's not going to pitch much better than he is right now -- feel free to run him out there for a start or two, or until he begins to even out.

DAVID AARDSMA - Brandon Morrow, the current Mariners closer, apparently complained about some mild shoulder discomfort -- uh oh!  Aardsma already has 2 saves this year, so you know the Mariners are confident in their backup.  With Trevor Hoffman taking the reigns back in Milwaukee, it's time to unload Coffey and Villanueva for Aardsma and hope for slightly better results.

JUAN CRUZ - We noted recently that Cruz would probably see the 9th inning with Joakim Soria out.  This update is to point out that Soria will not be back before the middle of the week, so Cruz has a few more games to try to nab a save or two.  Could be longer, too, as the Royals need not rush their star closer back to action sooner than necessary.

ADAM LAROCHE - I told you so.

ARMANDO GALARRAGA - All signs pointed to a disappointing sophomore campaign, but what the hell do I know?

KOSUKE FUKUDOME - His colossal implosion last season led to low expectations this year and Fukudome's draft status plummetted.  Lucky for all of us, since he's blistering the ball, and one of the few bright spots on a Cubs team that has struggled out of the gate.  Ride this horse until he craps out in August again.

JUSTIN MASTERSON - True, he's an injury replacement right now, but the Sox have a tubby starter named Brad Penny that won't last all season.  When Penny succumbs to his first love, "making drawrings," Masterson will surely keep his starting spot.  He's never going to be the kind of starter who mows batters down for 9 innings, but on a very good team, Masterson could easily go 6, give up 2 or 3 runs, and pile up the W's.

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