Friday, April 24, 2009

More Injuries, More Confusion

Don't say you weren't warned. I admit, I ran out and grabbed Rafael Soriano of the Atlanta Braves when it looked like he was taking over as closer. Then, tonight, in comes Soriano in the 8th for the hold, and gives up a run to boot. MIKE GONZALEZ, drafted in most leagues, and dropped in very few for the reasons I mentioned in the article a few days back, got the save in the 9th, preserving another National League win for the highly skilled Javier Vasquez.

If you are the proud owner of Soriano, I recommend hanging on for the time being. Gonzalez could struggle at any time (tomorrow comes to mind), and Soriano will leap back into the saves discussion. He could grab a save or two even if Gonzalez remains the primary closer just due to circumstance. However, if you are pressed for lineup space, Soriano should be the first to go. Who should you pick up, you ask?

JUAN CRUZ, setup man for the Kansas City Royals, will be the acting closer until Joakim Soria returns from a sore shoulder. The Royals are downplaying the severity of the injury, and they may very well be telling the truth. In that case, Soria should be back by early next week, and Cruz may get one or two saves (max). However, shoulder problems, like oblique muscle pulls and lower back issues, can be trouble. They linger, loiter even, to the point that a pitcher may have to shut things down for a few weeks and get right. Especially a pitcher like a closer, who comes in, throws as hard as he can for 15 pitches, then ices like it's going out of style. Cruz is a hell of a pitcher, no matter what job he's got -- start confidently, and hope for a little saves chunk.

Sad, but true, that's all she wrote on the fantasy front. Nobody on the offensive side really jumped out today or over the last few days for that matter. We will, however, give our tip of the cap to a pair of names: Nick Blackburn & Brian Tallet, congratulations. You are our Friday winners.

While you're happily reading along, how about Zack Greinke? After starting the season with 20 consecutive scoreless innings and going 3-0 on a fairly mediocre Kansas City club, Greinke told reporters he thought he could do better. So, out he came tonight, tossing a complete game against the red hot Tigers, allowing just an UNEARNED run (so his ERA is still 0.00). Greinke is 4-0, with 36 strikeouts in 29 innings. Yowza!

As far as the high-risk right sidebar goes tonight, the sports betting record is starting to draw some interest. Baseball was at 10-3 coming into play tonight, and San Francisco is looking to polish off Arizona and help the site's editor to another victory. I was told that the site also recommended Cavs -5; too bad they didn't list it. Oh well, live and learn (and bet).


Forrest said...

Yes, Greinke is that good. He is a frontline starter and will continue to see great success with the Royals.

I'm pretty fond of Gil Meche myself, and poor Meche, he is overlooked because Greinke is getting all of this attention.

I believe that Greinke could be a real darkhorse for the AL Cy Young this season.

Danno said...

Forrest -

Thanks for commenting - appreciate the new post!

I'm waiting to see how the Royals deal with swings of momentum, but I think they could be a cash cow over on the sports betting sidebar. Once we get a feel for it, they'll be the underdog more often than not, and provide some opportunities to collect on +140 bets.

Kyle Davis going tomorrow. What do you think?

Unknown said...

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