Wednesday, April 29, 2009


If you're a casual baseball fan, days like today are exactly why the sports remains one of the truly great enigmas of the athletic entertainment world.  If you're a sports bettor, today was the reason that you don't truly exist, outside of my imagination.  For instance, the Marlins beat Johan Santana('s bullpen).  That cost a lot of Mets fans a good deal of money, and won the 14 Marlins faithful more than they can count.

Or perhaps the Kansas City-Toronto matchup, featuring two starting pitchers with ERA's under 1.00.  How about 8 combined runs by the 4th inning?  How does that sound?  Pretty good to the supposed maniacs that bet the over.

In any case, rather than rant and rave, since you all know darn well I can do that, let's jump right down to it.  Today was a CLOSER EXTRAVAGANZA!  The problem with baseball is that by this time of night, the hawks of your fantasy league have probably already dealt with the more obvious news.  It's our job to make sure you can pull out all the stops to one-up even those sharks of the fantasy Deep Blue Sea.


LATROY HAWKINS - Apparently I was about a week premature on this one.  Valverde missed ONE game with back/leg issues, then came roaring back.  So, we all dropped Hawkins after the weekend campout.  Well, just when things looked cool in Houston, Valverde magically disappears to the Disabled List!  Hawkins will be closing games for at least two weeks.  Get him NOW!

MANNY CORPAS/HUSTON STREET - The battle continues!  Street got a 3-out save, LOWERING his ERA to 6.10 one night after Corpas trudged his way through a 2-run inning, RAISING his ERA to 6.10.  Maybe it's time to try someone else?  Apparently not.  Keep your eye on this one.  I'm not sure if Street pitched because Corpas had been used extensively, but he sure looked a heck of a lot better than Corpas.  Personally, I'm avoiding both of these guys, but if you've got room, it couldn't hurt to grab both and drop the one that shoots himself in the foot first.

JULIAN TAVAREZ - Confirmation acquired.  Get yo'self some sweet Julian, and hope Washington wins another game besides the one tonight.


Carlos Villanueva - Hoffman worked two straight nights, so Villanueva got the call tonight.  Don't wet yourself; he'll fall back into obscurity soon enough.

Hope that helped.

The Minnesota rotation continues to excel -- I'm not sure how much longer those players will be out on the waiver wire.  This is why it's foolish to draft too much pitching early.  With the wild rotation of closers and 5-10 starters that come out of the blue to rock steady, there's just no point in taking more than 1 starter and 1 closer relatively early in the draft.  Use those picks to try to nab guys who hit for high average.  It's inevitable that SOME of those hits will drive in runs or result in being scored.  But this is truly a discussion for another time.


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