Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Things That Start and End with "Han"

There are certainly a few top shelf persons and places that fill that mold -- Han Solo comes to mind -- but our concern is not with intergalactic smugglers and their braying compatriots.  Here, we care about our fantasy team.  And unfortunately, if you got stuck with Joel "Han"ran"han", the walls have been slowly crumbling around you.  It's precisely because of this fact that I'm not sure if I come bearing good or bad news...or both?

The bad news is that Joel Hanrahan is no longer the closer in Washington.  I apologize on behalf of the seven saves you'll lose this season.

The good news is that Joel Hanrahan is no longer the closer in Washington.  So, if you're running his sorry excuse for a right arm out to the hill on your fantasy squad, you won't have to break out the Jack (Daniels, In-The-Box) every time (all three?) the Nationals have had a lead in the 9th inning.  It LOOKS like JOE BEIMEL (currently on the DL) is next in line for saves, but we could see JULIAN TAVAREZ as well.  I would recommend getting that trigger-finger ready.  Dump Hanrahan for Tavarez now, and as soon as Beimel gets right, dump Tavarez for Beimel.

PHIL HUGHES - Welcome back, champ!  Hughes was dominating at AAA before his call back to the bigs.  One thing you certainly can say about Hughes is that he has infinite potential.  May be worth taking a chance here, if you've been holding tight to someone like a Jarrod Washburn or Joe Saunders.  Hughes has the stuff to stockpile K's for the winter.

EDWIN JACKSON - A great start that nobody (outside of Detroit) will remember.  Jackson blanked the Yanks for 6 innings, lowering his season ERA to 2.25.  Enter Tigers bullpen; exit ballgame.  Yankees went on to win 11-0, but it sure as hell wasn't Edwin's fault.

WANDY RODRIGUEZ - Like clockwork, every 5 days I post about Wandy.  7 more innings, 1 more run, and his ERA is STILL under 2.  Yes, it will eventually level off, but if you pick your matches properly, Wandy is well worth a pickup immediately.  Or perhaps in 4 days, so you don't waste a roster spot between now and then.

Scott Richmond - Not in capital letters just yet.  Richmond is on the up-and-coming list, with another fine start tonight.  It came against the Royals, though, so we'll wait a bit longer before picking him up.

David Aardsma - We noted recently that Aardsma would get a few saves while Brandon Morrow was out.  Well, Morrow's back...yes, already.  Oh well.  Hope you didn't drop anyone important for D.A.


DW said...

I had picked up Beimel after the first "Natinals" bullpen shake up and then learned he wasn't going to get a crack at it. So I dropped him, and then had to pick him up again this morning. Quite annoying.

Danno said...

Haha - I saw that, you punk. I'm stuck with Tavarez for a few days. Hopefully Beimel's recovery will derail for my sake.

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