Friday, May 22, 2009

The Art of the 1-Run Win

Yesterday, 6 out of 14 games were decided by 1 run.  Just a wonderful day to be a fan of baseball, and hopefully you didn't have too much money riding on these games.  Late-inning heroics, bullpen meltdowns, clutch saves, we had it all.

We also had one of the worst games in the history of Major League Baseball.  The Minnesota Twins, fresh off getting leveled in New York, then coming up short twice in Chicago, took advtange of some early White Sox errors to take an 8-0 lead.  Often, we'll see the strike zone enlarge when a game starts to get out of hand, and teams take their collective foot off the gas pedal, but the Twins were downright mad.  They had been embarrassed in the Bronx, and 7 days of anger and disappointment do not an 8-0 victory make.  White Sox middle relief had apparently snoozed a tad too long, and the Twins scored TWELVE additional runs, briefly leading by TWENTY.  The White Sox scored 1 run late to keep the deficit in the teens (19, to be exact), but I can't imagine there have been 3 hours that have been less bearable for Ozzie Guillen than those he suffered through yesterday.

A short pickup list today, in an effort to really help the fantasy community concentrate their efforts.  I will not be listing marginal grabs from here on out, only moves that I believe should be made soon!

AARON COOK - It's quite possible he was drafted and unloaded in your league when he got off to a miserable start.  4 of his last 5 starts, though, have been very good.  Now is the time to get Cook, and hope that his sinker is beginning to sink.  I'm not sold on his starts at Coors, but if he's on the mound in a large stadium or one with thick infield grass (you know who you are, Wrigley), Cook is hitting his stride and should be started.

MARK REYNOLDS - He is a whiff-master, but fantasy sports don't usually count strikeouts for offensive players.  To the fantasy gray matter, all his strikeouts are the same as warning track liners caught by our old pal, Spiderman Leftfielder.  In between those K's, Reynolds has started to post top-30 fantasy numbers.  If someone got bored of his early-season woes, by all means, scoop up the mess, put it in a bio-bag, and plop it at third base.

And a repeat...NICK JOHNSON - I'm going to refrain from posting his name every day, but Johnson just keeps on getting hits.  Again, he's not going to drive 30 out of the park, but if he continues to get singles and doubles, he will drive in runs, and he will score.  No one can tell me that won't help every fantasy team out there.  There are very few teams that are solid at every position.  Johnson can help in quite a few.

AS ALWAYS, SURF ON OVER TO BASEBALL FAN NATION, MAKE A FREE ACCOUNT, AND START PLAYING GAMES.  It's only 5 bucks to play, and like I noted before, if you win your weekly battle, you'll take home $500.  There aren't too many bets out there where if you win 1 out of 100 times, you break even.  Especially not wagers involving KNOWLEDGE of the game!

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