Saturday, May 09, 2009

Buyer's Guide

This article is ALL business.  We'll introduce a little package I'd like to call the "Buyer's Guide," where we take a look at a few buy-low candidates, then follow that up with a few names on the traditional "Pick-up List."

I was inspired to make a buyer's list last night as I was scanning the box scores of all the evening's games, and noticed that B.J. Upton was batting a robust .156.  Of course, B.J. is on my team, so I let out a noise reminiscient of a dog getting its paw stepped on, then continued in my reading.  B.J. is just one of a few players that are putting up numbers like their families are being held hostage, all of whom you should think about trying to pry from your opponent while their values are so awfully low.

B.J. Upton, Mark Teixeira, Josh Hamilton, Garrett Atkins, and to a lesser extent Cole Hamels, Matt Holliday, and Jose Reyes.  I tried to pick the biggest possible names who had the greatest room for improvement.  These guys all have very strong track records, which means that in all likelihood they will go on a tear to approach their career numbers.  This may be especially good idea if your team is already doing WELL in your fantasy league.  Take the guys who have gotten you off to this hot start, and sell them for players that will surge in June and July.  It's not how you start, as they say, it's how you finish.  I'm not 100% sold on Matt Holliday outside of Coors, but he's certainly better than a .236 hitter.  Probably not .330, but he should at least climb into the higher .200s.

I'll try to come up with a short "Seller's Guide" in the not-so-distant future, but one name that leaps off the list is the Dodgers' Orlando Hudson, who piled up some robust numbers batting in front of Manny.  With or without Manny, those numbers were going to come down, but one can assume it will drop faster without ManRam.

WANDY RODRIGUEZ - Made the Padres look like, well, the Padres last night with 8 shutout innings.  Rodriguez has quietly lowered his ERA to 1.80!  That will rise, probably in one bad start, but Rodriguez, right now, is hitting his spots, and his fastball is jumping on hitters.  Definitely start Wandy against weaker offensive teams, and certainly consider him even against the tougher competition.  He is rapidly ascending the fantasy ranks, I must say.

KIP WELLS - Well, we found out at least one other name involved in the Nationals closer sweepstakes.  Kip Wells got his first career save last night, and while we have no idea how long it will be until he grasps another save in his clutches, if you're short in saves and have an open roster spot (and I truly mean "open" - don't drop anyone of value for Wells), Kip should get about one save every couple of weeks.


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