Thursday, May 28, 2009

Carlos Zambrano is Frickin' Crazy

An awful lot of folks are describing Zambrano's latest meltdown as "one for the ages," and "epic," and a host of other overblown expressions.  And because my words mean about as much as those, we're going interactive today.  Enjoy Zambrano's wig-flipping:

Make no mistake, it was a good one, but doesn't even come close, doesn't even hold a candle, doesn't even SNIFF this Minor League Manager of days gone by.  This gentleman goes by the name of Phil Wellman, and in his words, he doesn't remember doing anything after getting tossed.  If that doesn't scare the crap out of a team of umpires, I don't know what would.  Sadly, embedding was disabled on this YouTube clip, so just navigate over there real quick, then come on back.  Zambrano, learn from the master: Phil Wellman Goes Ballistic

Ah, taking joy in the simple things.  I have another great, unrelated video clip for tomorrow, but no sense blowing all three in one article.  Need to keep you coming back, right?

RICK PORCELLO - Porcello has won 5 straight decisions for the Tigers, making him the first rookie to perform that feat since Gooden did it over 20 years ago.  He'll lose, there's no doubt about it, but it looks like Porcello is the real deal.  His sinker was described by Todd Helton as nasty, and when he gets even a little run support, he can settle into a nice groove.  He throws strikes, will get a strikeout every so often, and his ERA is settling nicely into the mid-3's.  When he hits a slump, bench him; youngsters don't generally do well with adversity, but as long as his confidence is high and he's rolling along, you should be deploying Porcello, as well.  He's been cashing in wins at an alarming clip, and that can be invaluable on most fantasy teams.

AARON ROWAND - A repeat offender, a shorter writeup.  The Giants scored 6 runs yesterday, and Rowand scored 2 of them.  That's most likely how it's going to be for SF, with Rowand getting on base at the top of the order, and every so often Bengie Molina or Randy Winn will drive him home.  Expect a nice batting average, and good run totals, and little else, but at least he'd be better than continuing to expect anything offensively from major disappointments like Corey Hart.

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