Saturday, May 09, 2009

The Hat Trick

More important than any fantasy baseball player's box score, FS-OD came through with the big 3-0 in baseball picks this evening, 2 of which were underdogs.  Enjoy the 3.60 unit gain, and hopefully this will put the team back on the right foot.  It's a learning process, so fluctuations are bound to happen, but things should only get better over the course of the season.

On the baseball (reality) front, Zack Greinke finally took a loss to fall to 6-1, but it took a near-perfect performance by his opposition to make it so.  It wasn't as if Greinke didn't have his stuff.  Zack pitched a complete game (8 innings, since he lost), and allowed just one run to the Angels, but that was enough.  Joe Saunders blanked the Royals in a complete game (9 inning, since he won) of his own.  Greinke's ERA, by the way, is still half a run.  This hurts me almost as much as admitting to film buffs that I haven't watched the Godfather series from start to finish, but I haven't seen a Greinke pitch this year, outside of SportsCenter.  Here, though, I will take a solemn oath to watch his next start and laugh at some hitters looking foolish.

Also worth noting, you may be running short on time to make a move on the few Buy Low candidates I mentioned in the last article.  Mark Teixeira homered in a Yankees loss (big surprise there), and B.J. Upton picked up a pair of hits, walked, and scored 3 times.  This raised his average to .165, so there's a long way to go, and I highly advise trying to score B.J. before he breaches the Mendoza Line.  Now a few lesser names:

JASON GIAMBI - Giambi homered twice in the A's home loss to the Jays. Giambi will never hit for a high average again, but he has only 3 longballs this season, and a guy that big will not be held to just 3.  He also walks an absolute ton, so he'll score some runs and could provide a nice OBP if Jason can get his average up near .250.

EDWIN JACKSON - Jackson has been trading off bad and amazing starts, but watching him pitch, you can't help but get the feeling he's right on the cusp of tipping that average in the direction of amazing.  When he locates his pitches, he is nearly unhittable, but for whatever reason Jackson can go through stretches where, instead of walking, he "misses over the plate."  It's an expression tossed around by analysts, but it's an accurate one, as instead of missing inside or outside and walking batters, Jackson falls into the bad habit of firing fastballs right down Broadway, and they get hammered.  Stop serving up 1 inning of meatballs every other start, and Jackson will move into the league's elite.

KIP WELLS & JOEL HANRAHAN - It takes two!  Wells started the 9th, seemingly in charge of saving the Nationals game in Arizona, but the wheels came off with 2 outs, and in walked Hanrahan, who did the unthinkable.  He closed the game.  The closer by committee in Washington is looking more and more like Wells and Hanrahan, while Beimel is still pitching the 8th.  Admittedly, Beimel's 86mph cut fastball isn't really the mark of a closer, so perhaps he is best suited as a setup man.  Brandon Morrow is back in Seattle, so perhaps you can dump Aardsma and run a pair of Nats out with the hope that one of the two gets a save.

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