Thursday, May 07, 2009

Late, But Important

My apologies for getting this article up a tad later than expected.  There was plenty of Major League news last night (and this morning), but we'll cover that in the next article.  This one is just a quick list:

DAVID AARDSMA - I hope you didn't cut him loose too soon. I know I did.  Brandon Morrow is out for another few days, so Aardsma should be a source of a save or two between now and Morrow's return.  Always fun to report on the first player in the alphabetically categorized MLB player list.

DANYS BAEZ - George Sherrill has officially been removed from closer in Baltimore, though the initial report is "closer by committe."  Every fantasy player's worst nightmare, trying to predict who will pick up saves when nobody's name is officially announced.   To this point, Baez has been the most consistent Orioles reliever, and he has some experience closing, so I'd recommend grabbing Baez and crossing your fingers.  If he's not the guy, we should know who soon enough.  Keep monitoring Orioles games until we see who gets the first nod.

TYLER YATES/JOHN GRABOW - Matt Capps has been experiencing some shoulder discomfort, and has been shelved (though not placed on the DL) for a few days.  This is another spot where it's not clear who will get the call, but it's safe to say the righty/lefty matchups will probably dictate who closes on a night-by-night basis.  Both relievers have a good track record, and both have picked up a save or two for Capps during their respective tenures in Pittsburgh.  Grabow has struggled in his last few outings, so Yates may get the first crack, but this one is a total coin-flip.  I might even recommend grabbing both, if you have space.  With Beimel back for the Nats, you can dump Tavarez to make room.

We'll take a much longer look at recent offensive hot streaks and slumps later this evening, as well as a breakdown of big news in the MLB.  Believe me, Los Angeles is freaking the hell out as I type these letters.



DW said...

It sounds like Baez will not factor in the committee competing for saves. The O's like him in the earlier innings as a bridge. Shocking that a team would use its best reliever in the toughest situations rather than waste him on three outs in the ninth.

Danno said...

Interesting! Thanks!

Hopefully people will check the comments section to get a little more info. I just figured Baez would move in because he's been the most consistent so far.

Danno said...

Looks like Jim Johnson and Chris Ray will get some looks, and Sherrill will still have a crack or two at saves.

Jim Johnson has the best numbers of those 3 so far, but if Chris Ray can get his control back, he might grab the torch, since he has closed in Baltimore before.

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