Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Long Day in St. Petersburg

Florida, of course.  If you're working on a History assignment, and stumbled onto our site, relax, stay a while.  We'd be glad to answer questions about the Russian Revolution, though we make no promises about our answers being right.  Still, it'll be more fun for you than actually reading about what happened.

The double-header down in Florida was a wild one.  Game one was a fairly standard 8-6 Florida victory, though you could already tell pitching was not going to be a strong suit for either team moving forward.  Game two was a marathon, the clock tick-tocking its way past midnight and into the early morning.  Four hours and fifty minutes in total, with Arizona somehow prevailing.  The game looked like it might end a few minutes earlier when Mark Reynolds homered in the top of the 12th, but the Marlins tied the game up in the bottom half.  Justin Upton slugged his second three-run shot of the game in the 13th, the D'backs tried to give that lead back, as well, but Jon Rauch (who pitched in game one) managed to squeeze through the 13th and get the D'backs the win.  

I'm not completely certain why the Marlins insisted on starting the double-header so late.  Perhaps weather played a factor, but in most cases you'll see a day-night double-header for this exact reason.  It allows for a few extra minutes between games, and the evening game can, at the very least, start on time.  Yesterday, the Marlins pushed the evening game back an hour to 8pm Eastern time, after the opener was played in the late afternoon.  Very strange, indeed.  Arizona has to be thanking their lucky stars last night was not a get-away day for them, so at least they can try to catch up on sleep, play tonight, then jet off to their next destination.

This double-header did yield a few notes, and that shall be our jumping point for this morning's pickup list:

MARK REYNOLDS - His embarrassing strikeout totals mask what is otherwise an impressive power line: .257, 11 homers, 25 runs, 20 RBI (would be more if anyone on the D'backs could get on base), and 9 steals.  The steals are inflated from his 4 last night, but Reynolds is a multi-cat type player, and if your team can weather the dust his mighty swings-and-misses kick up, Reynolds could add an awful lot to your power numbers.  He's available in about half of all leagues - at least take a peek.

JUSTIN UPTON - We covered baby Upton a couple weeks back, and there is absolutely no chance he's still available, but as expected, his numbers have skyrocketed.  He is the clear offensive leader of the Diamondbacks, and at just 21 years of age, has a long, promising fantasy road ahead of him.  Current line: .313, 9 HR, 26 RBI, 26 R, 4 steals.

PAUL MAHOLM - Another guy that is more than likely already on a team, but suffered through a poor stretch and may have been dropped.  Maholm is a very good pitcher, and while he may be a tad streaky, his numbers will eventually stabilize with an ERA in the mid-3's.  Get him if he was dropped.  If not, no harm done.

WANDY RODRIGUEZ - He gave up his first home run of the season, but this guy is legit.  Trading for him is not out of the question.

CHRIS CARPENTER - I'm betting a great many teams gave up on the former NL Cy Young Award winner when he went down with yet another injury.  And to be honest, I can't blame them.  Carpenter is healthy, for now, and when he can fully throw a baseball, he still has some of the nastiest stuff in the game.  Even if he only lasts 3 or 4 starts, I would strongly consider picking him up (if he's not yet taken), and trying to milk his skill for as long as the metaphorical udder delivers.

Maybe the biggest news of the day - Big Papi had 2 hits, and one of them was a homer!  That ends the longest draught in the giant DH's career.  The question is, was it a fluke, or will he actually begin to make solid contact with the baseball?  The timing on his pathetic, inept start to the season couldn't be a whole lot worse, given the steroid scandal.  If Papi wants to distance himself from the Manny/A-Rod/juicing testosto-goodness, he better get that average up lickety split.

And, trying to keep this link fresh, remember to head on over to BaseballFanNation, sign up for a free account, and take a look around!  You don't have to play the games if you don't want to, but I already won $500 in the weekly fantasy pick'em.  It's a neat game, and if were the unfortunate beneficiary of the autodraft giving you Big Papi, it's a solid way to forget about your Yahoo leagues.  If nothing else, do me a favor and register (again, for free) and at least browse the available games and articles.  You might see a few you recognize!


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