Sunday, May 10, 2009

Meet the Mets

Mets fans are often pretty quick to snap at their team, and over the last few seasons, with good reason.  Over the last week, though, the Metropolitans are all about wins.  With today's 8-4 doubling-up of the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Mets have now rattled off 7 straight victories, many of them decisive.  The Fantasy Perspective on the Mets winning streak doesn't mean a great deal for pitchers like Livan Hernandez due to an inflated ERA, but gents like Mike Pelfrey and John Maine, who hadn't exactly been dazzling up to this point, could rack up a few wins in a row.  On the offensive side, I don't believe the hot hitting necessarily means it's time to grab Luis Castillo -- in fact, you couldn't pay me enough to come into contact, even fantasy contact, with Luis.  It does mean that every star can be counted on for slightly better stats, and fringe players like Ryan Church and David Murphy could conceivably climb back into relevance.  Church started 2008 with a ridiculous flourish, but after suffering through various injury woes last year, just hasn't been the same.  Maybe a team-wide confidence explosion will be the cure.

From a betting perspective, it's time to put a very watchful eye on the Mets.  The lines are going to be pretty bad as long as their winning ways continue, but most Vegas sportsbooks offer a bet known as the "Run Line," where 1.5 runs are added or subtracted from a team's final score, much like a "spread" in football or basketball.  Taking the Mets, minus 1.5 runs will often move the betting line into the positive, and give us a chance to cash in better than 1:1 odds during the winning streak.

JUAN CRUZ - He's back!  This is a huge chance for your Roto team to pick up a chunk of saves.  Joakim Soria has hit the DL, and he'll be out for 2 weeks at the very least.  Cruz has been excellent as a setup man, and should translate well to closer.  Grab him immediately, and start counting the saves from an eerily decent Kansas City team...though, they did get spanked over the weekend in Anaheim.  If you're in either of my leagues, sorry, he's mine.

MIGUEL TEJADA - A lot of experts are extremely low on Tejada.  I'm not.  He's been hitting around .300 all season long, just without the power.  This is Miguel Tejada, though.  He'll hit a few out!  He plays 81 games a year at Minute Maid Park, with that absurd "shelf" in left field.  He hit just his 2nd of the year this afternoon, but picked up his 13th-16th RBIs of the season.  For those counting on some underperforming shortstops, Tejada could be a nice stopgap, or even a more permanent solution if you need Batting Average help.

ERIC BYRNES - I've mentioned him before, and he's still under the radar, but Arizona has made some managerial changes, and it looks like Byrnes might getting more playing time with Conor Jackson making the word "struggle" look like a hot streak.  Byrnes does, despite an horrific start, have 4 homers and 5 steals so far, and his average can't get much worse.  Lest we forget, too, that when Byrnes is fully healthy and seeing the baseball, he's a 25-25 guy, maybe better.  He doesn't walk, but if he starts putting up 2007 numbers, he could be a huge waiver-wire steal.  Because of his poor play, you probably have time before you'd need to get him, but he has a very high ceiling, and may start to ascend the stairs toward at least some of his potential.

Dumping Time:

David Aardsma - Brandon Morrow is back, and throwing 98.

John Grabow - Because he sucks.

Manny Corpas - Because Huston Street is actually succeeding as closer.

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