Friday, May 15, 2009

Workin' Stiff

I may need to slightly alter the tagline on the home page as the sole editor is no longer unemployed.  That's right, the weekend warrior is gainfully employed...part time.  The timing of Saturday and Sunday articles is going to be shifted about just a bit, but weekday posts should continue to pop up most mornings in the early a.m.  You'll still get the same eye-popping, mind-blowing fantasy advice -- it's just going to occur at less predictable intervals.

We're about half-way through our Saturday slate of games, so this breakdown of key fantasy players and points will cover Friday night's games (at least those that weren't rained out), and whatever we've learned about the games of Saturday afternoon.  And as usual, we've got a crop of part-time closers (today is ALL about part-timery), and some superstars that you should have bought at their lowest point.

C.J. WILSON - Frank Francisco is on the 15-day DL (retroactive to last week), so the Rangers will be looking for a backup closer.  There are a few options, and it isn't 100% clear who will get all the save looks while the uber-dominant Francisco is out, but the logical choice would be the closer of Rangers past.  This is estimated as a 2-save replacement.

DAVID AARDSMA - He's back, yet again.  The Mariners are cooling off a bit, partially due to the spotty relief work of Brandon Morrow, who may or may not be fully healthy.  Whatever the case, Morrow has vomited on enough 9th innings to lose his spot.  Aardsma might very well still be on your bench (or someone else's), but if not, he could be the closer the rest of the way.  This is ranked as a very wobbly 5-15 save window.

EDWIN JACKSON *Last Warning* - We are no longer going to cover Jackson, as he has been amazing for too long to still be available in any league worth its salt.  Dominating the league, enough to make this Dodger fan punch innocent passersby right in the face.

MIKE JACOBS - The Royals' first baseman, perhaps angry that the pitching staff is drawing all the accolades (which they deserve) has decided he's going to hit everything out of the park.  Only problem, no one has been on base.  Jacobs has 3 homers this week alone, but only 3 RBIs.  A man can only drive himself in so often, but if any of the other Royals position players get their act together, Jacobs could be prime for a juicy couple weeks.

And at long last, it looks like Mark Teixeira and B.J. Upton might be coming out of their season-long slumps.  Upton's can be blamed on an injury that forced him to have "spring training" during the regular season.  Tex just plain can't see the ball until the cool May sun rises overhead, apparently.  If you traded for them, nice work.  Upton is a dynamic player, capable of stealing 30+ bases, and hitting 20+ homers, if he gets close to his potential.  We all know Teixeira will be fine, so the only way you might have snagged him is if his previous owner was not a baseball fan.  Unfortunately for yours truly, I had 'em both.  I can only hope things continue to improve.

Another sidebar -- the Dodgers, in their infinite wisdom (or love for recycling/environmentalism), have given the ball to Eric Milton today in Florida.  First Jeff Weaver, now Eric Milton?  I know Shawn "pair of" Estes is hovering somewhere in LA's Minor League system.  This pitching staff might set new precedents for washing up. 

The Dodgers: beached whale edition.  No, wait.  The pregnant beached whale.

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