Saturday, May 02, 2009

Quick List

ZACH DUKE - Duke took the loss, but tossed another seven innings of 1-run baseball.  The Pirates aren't scoring any runs right now, so wins may be hard to come by for his next start or two, but Duke appears ready to have a break-out season.  I still might shy away from starting him against teams like the Cardinals and Dodgers (two of the best hitting teams in the NL), but Duke has shown he's ready to shut down the offenses of low and mid-tier teams, and will eventually get a few more wins to show for his efforts.

JEFF FRANCOEUR - It's a wonder how this guy fell so far in just one season, but he seems to have ironed out at least some of his issues, and is a fixture in the middle of the Braves lineup.  He will never, and I repeat, never, have a good OBP, but if you're in a league that ignores on-base percentage, Francoeur might be a nice fit.  He's starting to drive in runs again, his average is in the mid-280's, and if the Braves ahead of him can figure out how to get on base a little more often, Francoeur's numbers could spike to top-tier RBI level.

JOSE GUILLEN - Hit the DL right off the bat this year, but like Francoeur before him, Guillen is a middle-of-the-order hitter who, inevitably, will bat in a few.  It seems like every year Guillen starts off on the waiver wire (suspension, injury, etc.), then surges to a .290 average, 20-25 homers, and a decent RBI clip.  Guillen doesn't walk much, either, but it still seems worth it to get him on your team, even if he's your 4th outfielder or injury replacement.  If that's all you need him for, he would be one of the best available options.

HUSTON STREET - As expected, Street's back to closing games, and Corpas is out.  This fiasco is starting to pluck at my last nerve.  Get Street now, but be ready to drop him at the drop of a hat.  I'm sure all the changes and lack of confidence is doing nothing for the various pitchers in Colorado, too.  Can you believe this team was in the World f'in Series 2 years ago?
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