Friday, May 22, 2009

Saturday Evening Wrap

With the day's pick shifted comfortably over in the Daily Wager Zone, and our baseball record slowly climbing back up near its high-water mark, it's time to launch into the wacky weekend fantasy breakdown.

Last night was the much-anticipated start of Interleague Play.  Well, if you're a fan of AL Pitchers staring death in the eye, then buckling out of the way of death's vicious 12-to-6 curveball.  Or if you prefer, we can toss an out-of-shape, aging pinch-hitter into the DH spot and have some NL teams get creamed by their AL rival.  Either way, what's not to like?  Seemingly, quite a bit, if you're a so-called "purist."

How do I feel?  As always, a little apathetic, at least about Interleague play's significance.  I am annoyed, though, by the fact that a decade later, everyone still has to re-hash the same old story lines every single year.  Enough complaining, just play the other League and learn to love it.  They may not be the more vocal of the two groups, but the folks that enjoy Interleague play severely outnumber those that don't, and I don't need a Gallop Poll to tell me.  Fact of the matter is that attendance is up during Interleague games, and that's all the proof we should need.  The Red Sox and Mets played one of the ugliest games I've seen all year, and the fans ate up every minute of it.  Johan back at Fenway, the massive media markets squaring off without the name Steinbrenner involved.  It's a marketing cookie-cake of enjoyment!

After day one, the AL leads 8-6.  Perhaps this is the year the NL finally gets back on the winning side of Interleague play.  I don't see it happening, and we'll go into more detail about why as I-League play continues.

TROY PERCIVAL - May have pitched his last game.  Percival hit the DL, but no one is quite sure if he has the muscular fortitude to make it back.  Unfortunately, Joe Maddon has not been too forthcoming with his bullpen hierarchy, and because of the mish-mosh of 8th inning guys he has already used, we can't narrow it down much farther than Grant Balfour, Dan Wheeler or Joe Nelson.  Roulette, anyone?

A good deal of pitchers' duels in the first day of Interleague action, but a lot of that can be contributed to teams' unfamiliarity with one another.  I wouldn't read too much into most of the efforts.

I would, however, recommend visiting FAN NATION and setting up a free account, which can be used for Forum posting, in addition to competing in the quick (but enjoyable) weekly Fantasy Sports Lite $500 prize competition.

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