Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Two Bomb Night

We had a partial slate of games last night, but certainly no shortage of dingers.  The slowly waking Mark Teixeira had his second 2-homer game in the span of 2 weeks, giving him 10 on the season.  Kendry Morales, a name we flashed here in the pick-up list (that I'm sure most of you ignored!) hit 2 more homers himself; he now has 8 on the season, to go along with a hard-fought 26 RBIs.  A-rod hit his 4th since returning, and about 10 others smacked one out of the yard, as well.  More remarkable than all the homers, though...or maybe I should clarify, more HILARIOUS, was the game out in Los Angeles.

Unfortunately, time zone issues forced me to the world of slumber before this game would come to its conclusion, but the Mets, who were playing decent baseball only a few short days ago, committed FIVE errors en route to a 3-2, 11-inning loss.  Tim Redding pitched well in his 2009 season debut for New York, but the defense behind him was beyond atrocious.  Only 1 of the 3 Dodger runs was "unearned," but giving a good team 5 extra outs over the course of a game will take its toll on the pitchers and on the players' collective psyche.  The game was finally decided in the 11th when a routine fly ball landed at the feet of two outfielders, unable to effectively communicate three simple words: "I got it."  The Dodgers scored the winning run 1 out later on a softly struck fielder's choice grounder.

A few names to consider:

KENDRY MORALES - He had been hovering in the .260-.270 range since we mentioned his breakout a few weeks back, but woke back up last night with the aforementioned 2 homers and a 3-for-5 night, overall.  He is a good 1B, and the Angels are, understandably, quite high on him.  Morales should see plenty of playing time the rest of the season, and if indeed his power numbers are starting to come around, may get a boost up in the batting order against righties.

NICK JOHNSON - We've been pushing Nick down your throats recently, and for good reason.  He has a supremely high OBP of .433 (he has always had an excellent eye at the plate), he's batting .336, and he's scored 25 runs while driving in 24 -- all out of the 2-spot in the Nationals batting order.  Johnson, even when he's in a slump, will still take walks, so he will be a very reliable source of runs the rest of the way.  Expect another 6-10 homers this season, an OBP near .400, and a batting average that will probably dip down to around the .300 mark.

RUSSELL BRANYAN - It isn't so much that I recommend having Branyan permanently, because he always slows down at some point, but he's a huge human being with an uppercut swing, so he would be a good source of homers.  He's hitting .306 right now, but there's almost zero chance that lasts.

A final thought, as well, pertaining to a new fantasy sports site.  You may have noticed the dysfunctional Flash graphic over in the right sidebar listing 7 Games, 7 Days, 7 Cities.  We are working on getting that fixed, but that's not my point.  The site associated with that contest is Baseball Fan Nation.

The reason I bring this up today of all days is that last night I found out I won $500 playing the weekly Fantasy Sports Lite game at that site.  Those of you reading this know I rarely post links unless they can provide free streaming video of sports, but this one bears mentioning.  Yes, I can get game credit at the site if any interested parties sign up through my link, but that's not the reason I'm promoting this site, either.  Hell, sign up without using my referral link!  I just think it's a really neat way to play a weekly fantasy sports game.  So, if your season-long team stinks or you're just bored of it, it's a $5 entry to play, and like I noted before, you can win $500 if you beat the other competitors.  You have a pretty good chance of winning, too, if you know your baseball.

The key elements of the game are drawn from normal fantasy seasons.  You select 5 games from the list of matchups throughout the week.  For each of those games, you pick a final score (winning team, and margin of victory), then select the 3 players you believe will be the top offensive performers in that game (from either team).  The website will tabulate your score based on how close you got to the correct values, and also how well your particular selections played in those games, and will post the scores on a leaderboard at the end of the week.

The website is still making a lot of changes to the aesthetics, but the game will remain the same.  Like I said, entry is just 5 bucks, it takes about 15 minutes to pick your games and players, then Monday morning you just might be $500 richer.  If you click the link below, you can quickly create an account at the site (registration is free and takes about 5 minutes) and get your team set up immediately thereafter.  The site and game are already cool and fun, and are only improving day by day.  Enjoy!

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