Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Diamondbacks Are Awful

This is not going to be a very long article. I just merely want to point out that the D'backs committed THREE errors in one inning on Sunday night. And we're not talking about top-spin grounders that kicked off the heel of a glove. We're talking about Little League hit-you-in-the-mitt type boners that are more offensive to the public than a steroid suspension. In fact, I think anyone committing a similar error in the future should have to take at least 3 days away from baseball. Describing the events in words wouldn't do them justice, really. Suffice it to say that the plays were so pathetic, the hometown crowd -- which, mind you, was still paying to watch this 30-46 team -- rained boos down upon the field. Then, in an act of pure adultery, a D'backs outfielder pretended to throw a ball to a fan in the crowd. More boos later, the outfielder was defended by his Manager.

If you haven't had the unique vomitous joy of watching the worst team in baseball (yes, worse than the Nats, especially now that it looks like Brandon Webb is out for the season), I highly suggest either finding the highlights from that recent affair, or just watching any game from here on out. They went 1-5 on their most recent homestand, and in a division that includes the San Diego Padres, they have somehow stolen the laughingstock trophy. Anybody still think more expansion teams was a good idea?

Boy, firing Bob Melvin really made a huge difference.

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