Friday, June 19, 2009

Quick Pitcher Update

We did more than our fair share of rambling over the course of this week, covering fantasy topics from time to time. To recap: sell high on Juan Pierre, buy low on David Ortiz, and love Casey at the bat (for the Dodgers). Today, we'll try to catch up on a few pitching notes that either occurred this week or over the course of the 10-day hiatus. Three names jump off the page:

C.J. WILSON - Some fantasy champ I am. I didn't even notice he was gone, at least not until a buddy pointed out that he hit the DL. Texas hadn't won too many close games, so it hadn't really come up. Well, coming up or not, Wilson is the closer in Texas until Frank Francisco can get right. Francisco is a huge loss for the Rangers, who had a wonderful back end of the bullpen prior to his demise. Francisco had been on the DL once already this season, and if you'll recall, we picked up Wilson then, and we'll do it again now. Wilson has picked up a win and 2 saves since becoming the closer this second time around, and even though Francisco is attempting to get back soon, we all know how pitchers generally perform when they rush a return.

MIKE MacDOUGAL - The Nationals latest attempt at finding a closer has, so far, passed the test. His work as closer might also be the reason Manny Acta is still managing the team. MacDougal isn't exactly dominating anyone. He has walked 12 to just 9 strikeouts, but is 2/2 in save chances, which is better than Joel Hanrahan, Julian Tavarez, Kip Wells, and Joe Beimel have done in their tries. In the eyes of Nationals fans, MacDougal is like Pepto cruising down the esophagus while the Hanravareiwells combo burrito is doing flips in the jejunum. As long as he's closing games without regurgitating leads, MacDougal's the man. Might as well grab him and see how long he can hold down the fort.

NICK BLACKBURN - The Twinkies can sense Summer is near. Their mid/late-season surge is on the horizon, and the starting rotation (along with battery-mate Joe Mauer) is likely to lead the charge. The Minnesota starting five, with the possible exception of a struggling Francisco Liriano, are all quite capable, and we could almost list all 3 others here (Kevin Slowey, Scott Baker, Glen Perkins). Right now, Blackburn is the innings and ERA leader, Slowey has 9 wins, and Baker is mostly underachieving, but he's got the stuff to turn it around. Perkins started the season well, but suffered through some throwing arm irritation, gave up a ton of runs, then hit the DL. He's back, and if he's healthy, he's as good as any of the others. Just because Blackburn's name is in bold, large font doesn't mean he's the only one worth grabbing, just the one coming off a complete game last night.

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