Wednesday, July 22, 2009

LA Pitchers, Rock & Roll

Yesterday, due to air travel, we had to skip the Fantasy Roundup, but now, on this fine Wednesday, we're back with some notes. Time constraints make the afternoon games a wash, so we'll start with the 3pm card and move forward from there:

Ubaldo Jimenez
- Jimenez has held the D'backs to a .174 BAA in 2 starts this year, so believe it or not, his ERA against them could actually be better than its current post at 2.70. That being said, the D'backs have a knack for late comebacks at Coors, so this doesn't necessarily mean a Rockies win.
Tim Lincecum - A no-brainer, Lincecum is perfect against the Braves in his career, and shut them out earlier this season in San Francisco.
Christian Guzman - A .357 hitter against Mike Pelfrey, I expect Guzman to get on base twice and score at least one run in this contest.
Lance Berkman - Not a mind-blowing average of .279 against Chris Carpenter, but Berkman does have 6 home runs in only 29 AB, which is pretty darn impressive.
Albert Pujols - After last night against Wandy, Albert will be looking to get back on track against a guy he has had more success off, Roy Oswalt. Albert has 4 homers against the righty, and an average over .300.
Mark DeRosa - DeRosa is 10-for-21 off Oswalt, amazingly.
Chad Billingsley - How about an 0.92 ERA against Cincinnati in his career? How about that.
The Dodgers Offense - This looks like a rousing beat-down in the making, with starters Ethier, Blake, Kemp, and Loney, and reserves Pierre, Ausmus, and Loretta all hitting over .300 lifetime against Bronson Arroyo. Even if Manny misses a few games, this one looks rough for Cincy.

J.D. Drew
- 4-for-12 lifetime off Padilla with a homer, Drew may be batting near the top of the Sox lineup.
Mark Kotsay - Kotsay might sneak his way into the starting lineup for the Sox tonight thanks to his 7-for-16 mark against Vicente Padilla>
Big Papi and Kevin Youkilis - I grouped these two names because they're the more 'obvious' choices on the Sox. Papi is 5-for-15 against the Rangers' starter with 2 homers, and Youk is 5-for-12.
Joe Saunders - Saunders has been downright awful lately, but like Livan Hernandez, there's always a team out there that can get a pitcher back on track; that team for Saunders is Kansas City. Joe is 2-0 with an 0.56 ERA against the Royals, including a complete game shutout earlier this year, and has held Bloomquist, DeJesus and Butler hitless in 17 combined AB.
Jermaine Dye - Batting a cool .500 off James Shields with a homer.
Jim Thome - Not quite as resounding success as Dye, but Thome is still swinging that big stick, with a .333 average off Shields and a homer.

Key Questions - Will the Tigers continue to give Felix Hernandez a semi-rough time? Will either team score in the first 9 innings in Braves/Giants? Will the Dodgers matchup look so good that it will turn out awful? Can Arizona find a way to win at Coors...again? Who is Carlos Torres?

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