Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Padres Might Win One

A big fat 1-1-1 on yesterday's card, with the Braves blowing a ninth-inning lead (like so many teams yesterday), and ruining what could have been a perfectly fine 2-0-1 day. But, losing a couple pennies is not that awful, and assuming all is back to normal in the world tonight, we should be in good position to pick up a few more wins. Fantasy roundup is now 21-10-1, and still up approximately 10 units since the All Star break (1-unit on every play).

Matt Cain
- Yes, he's darn good, but he should perform well for a few other reasons, too. The "country hardballer", as the Giants call him, Cain already shut the Pirates down once this year, so we know he can do it. He is, historically, a very good second half pitcher, so his solid work this year should continue, and Freddy Sanchez is the only Pirate with at least 10AB and a lifetime average over .300 against him.
Randy Winn - Winn is 5-for-15 against Zach Duke, and should help set the table nicely for Bengie Molina and co. against Zach Duke's poor road record.
Freddy Sanchez - Sanchez will probably get a few singles off Cain, as he's currently posting a 7-for-16 mark against the Giants righty.
Josh Johnson - Still sporting a home ERA under 2, Johnson will tackle the Braves, a team he's posted a 3-1, 2.45 ERA mark lifetime. At the very least, Johnson will keep the Marlins close, as he's given up over 3 runs in only 1 start all season long.
Kelly Johnson - If he's in the lineup...Johnson is batting .400 against Marlins starter Josh Johnson, but he might not even get a chance to swing the bat. Check before putting him in your fantasy lineup.
Johan Santana - Coming off a terrible start against the Astros, Santana will face the Rockies for the first time in his career, at home, where his ERA is under 2.
Jason Hammel - Supremely underrated due to his awful work at Coors Field, Hammel has a sub-2.00 ERA away from home, and he's in spacious Citi Field tonight against the suddenly fighting Mets.
David Eckstein - Recently off the DL, and just in time: the "Ecks"-factor is hitting .351 in his career off Aaron Harang, in 37 AB.
Adrian Gonzalez - 2 homers in 14 AB for Gonzalez against Harang, the Padres have had some sneaky success against the struggling Cincy starter.
Kevin Kouzmanoff - Another Padre with success against Harang, Kouzmanoff is 3-for-9.
Casey Blake - 6-for-13 against Pineiro, but those at-bats came pre-Dave Duncan, so it's tough to know how batters will perform against the newer, improved Pineiro.
Manny Ramirez - 3 homers in 17 AB against Pineiro, even the new Joel probably can't slow him down.

Victor Martinez
- One of two Indians with mild success against John Lackey, Martinez holds a near-.500 batting average against Lackey in 19 AB. No homers, and no RBI, though.
Jhonny Peralta - In 21 AB, Peralta has picked up 9 hits, and driven in 3.
Roy Halladay - Facing a weak-hitting Mariners lineup, Halladay should have very little trouble going deep in the game and putting his Jays in a position to win. Kenji Johjima is hitting .333 against him, but Halladay has had great success against most of the other Mariners regulars.
Zack Greinke - Greinke already crushed the O's once this year; of course, he needs run support to get a win.
Nick Swisher - Swisher homered twice off Garza earlier this year, and another hit or two isn't out of the question...or maybe just a few walks?
Brett Anderson - "Droops" seems to get up for the Red Sox, having pitched very well against them twice already this year. He has shut down a very scary lineup top to bottom.
Marlon Byrd - 5-for-8 against Verlander, he is the ONLY threat in the Texas lineup against a pitcher that has shut down the rest of the Rangers.
Justin Verlander - This isn't as much of a sure thing as those of you shaking your heads are thinking. Verlander has had some issues on the road this year, but not today -- he has held the top of Texas's lineup to sub-.200 averages, which should severely limit their scoring chances.
Jason Kubel - .429 average against Jose Contreras, including a dinger and 3 knocked in.
Joe Mauer - Roughly his season average against Contreras, which is pretty damn impressive, at .368 in 19 AB.
Nick Punto - .355 against Contreras, a guy the Twins have put up some decent offensive numbers in his career.

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