Monday, August 24, 2009

Angelic Expectations

What's happenin' party people?? Sounds like a lot of folks had a wet fart of a Sunday...glad I missed it. Maybe this weekend job isn't as awful as I thought. In any case, I have full confidence that everyone who lost yesterday will bounce back today with proper research and effort. And, if you don't feel like looking up every outstanding player matchup, you can find 'em here in the Roundup!

After watching the forum's reaction to different cappers, I think it may be time for me (and the Roundup) to begin RANKING plays. I do generally have a top play every evening, but I thought playing everything at 1-unit would allow folks to get a better feel of how my picks generally perform. Whether or not I was right, it seems like folks want to see some variety, so, time to upgrade my gray matter.

Cliff Lee
- This one's a no-brainer. If he can shut down the first third of the National League, he can shut down the half-baked Mets lineup.
Freddy Lewis and Juan Uribe - Lewis is 5-for-12 in his career off Jason Marquis, while Uribe is 4-for-10 with a homer.
Barry Zito - Zito held the Rockies scoreless for 7 innings earlier this year, and they hit just .091 against him as a team. Yes, I realize it was in spacious AT&T Park, but Zito, even last year, has pitched well against the Rox. In 2008, he went 1-0 at Coors, allowing just 2 runs over 8 innings.

Carl Crawford
- Crawford is the Rays one chance to get to Doc Halladay, batting .381 against him over 60+ AB with a couple homers and 8 driven in since 2004.
The top of the O's lineup - Brian Roberts is 4-for-11 in his career off Scott Baker, Adam Jones is 2-for-5, and Nick Markakis is 3-for-9 with a homer with 2 RBI.
Shin-Soo Choo and Jhonny Peralta - Choo, in limited action, is 6-for-14 off Gil Meche, and Peralta in significantly more action, is 15-for-40 with 2 homers and 5 RBI.
David DeJesus - DoubleD is 4-for-11 off Jeremy Sowers, who has pitched much better late in the season.
Curtis Granderson, Magglio Ordonez, Placido Polanco and Carlos Guillen - There is some significant ownage of Angels' starter Jered Weaver among these 4 Tigers: Granderson is 6-for-12 with FOUR homers, Ordonez is 5-for-8, Polanco is 5-for-11 with a dinger, and Guillen is a robust 7-for-11.
Bobby Abreu, Kendry Morales, and Vlad the Impaler - Abreu, off Verlander, is 4-for-10 with a homer, Morales is just 2-for-6, but drove in 5 runs against Verlander in LA earlier this year, and Vladdy is 6-for-13.

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