Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Don't Play Hunches

Coming off a 2-1 day, where we, at the very least, got back on the positive side of even. Still, I can't help but kick myself for throwing Angels onto yesterday's card without GOOD DATA supporting the decision. It was a hunch, and hunches will lead to 50% success at best in the long term. So, instead of a 2-0 day, up 2.02 units, we ended up just .64 units. Like I said, still a winner, and the 2-0 mark on the plays with Fantasy Roundup support should be enough to get the confident juices flowing once again. It's Wednesday, which means we'll break down the 3 afternoon contests now, make any potential plays on them just afterwards, break down the evening games an hour later, and evening plays come in the afternoon.

And because I forced everyone to visit my Thread yesterday, today's Roundup will appear here in its entirety. You can, of course, click the link roughly 18 words back to help build the following (and make me look cooooool!).

David Wright
- Wright is batting .412 off Kyle Lohse in 17 career appearances against him, with a homer. Brian Schneider, Fernando Tatis and Gary Sheffield have all homered off Lohse, as well, though their career averages are significantly lower.
Angel Berroa - There's no telling if he'll play, but amazingly, Berroa is batting over .400 off Lohse in 27 AB.
Freddy Sanchez - The newest Giant has clobbered Brian Moehler to the tune of .579 in 19 AB, including 4-for-6 this year.
Randy Winn - Winn is 9-for-16 off Moehler, another batter hitting over .500 in a decent sample size
A few other Giants - In much more limited action, Travis Ishikawa (.333), Bengie Molina (.300), Edgar Renteria (.333), Aaron Rowand (.333, homer), Eugenio Velez (.667) have also done a number on Moehler, who has a career ERA of 8.88 against San Francisco.
Doug Davis - Davis appears to have turned around his struggles with back-to-back good starts, one of which was against these very Pirates. Davis shut them out for 6 innings, and the D'backs are suddenly winning games, even ones he starts. The D'backs have shut out the Pirates in 3 straight games, so it's pretty clear they've got a good scouting report.
Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino - We lumped these guys together because neither has faced De La Rosa more than 7 times, but between the two of them, they're a combined 6-for-13 with a homer and a couple RBI.
Jorge Cantu and John Baker - These two are 4-for-9 combined off John Lannan with 2 homers and 5 RBI.
Rich Harden - Another pitcher who seems to have sorted out some struggles, Harden is going against a team he has dominated, already 2-0 against Cincy, and they were playing better when he faced them before. Coming off a career high-tying 11 strikeout game, Harden looks to give the Cubbies a series sweep.
Micah Hoffpauir - Not sure if he'll get in the lineup, but Hoffpauir faced opposing starter Justin Lehr in the Minors, and is 3-for-8 against him with 2 homers.

Nick Markakis
- Coming off an upset last night, the O's have to face one of the toughest pitchers in the League, Edwin Jackson. Markakis is 5-for-9 in his career against Edwin, but is the only O's regular with any success at all against him.
Curtis Granderson - Assuming he's ready to go, Curtis is batting .385 off Guthrie with 2 homers.
Magglio Ordonez - This would be a nice boost for the Tigers, if Magglio can do anything productive. He's a career 4-for-7 off Guthrie.
The Twins Big Two - Joe Mauer is 4-for-7 off Aaron Laffey with a homer and 2 RBI, and Justin Morneau is 5-for-11 with 3 RBI
Orlando Cabrera - Newly acquired Twins shortstop is 3-for-7 off Laffey, though the Indians starter has shut down the rest of the Twinkies lineup.
Jhonny Peralta - Among the 2nd-half RBI leaders, Peralta has a homer and a +.300 BAA Francisco Liriano.
Carl Crawford - Crawford is 6-for-8 off Brad Penny; can the rest of the Rays get him home? The rest of the team's numbers are middle-of-the-road, though Jason Bartlett, the new leadoff man, is 4-for-6 off Penny.
Franklin Gutierrez - Welcome back. Gutierrez is 5-for-11 off re-call-up Kyle Davis, with 3 driven in
Juan Rivera - Rivera struggled last night in the Angels first loss in 6 games, but he's 4-for-10 lifetime off Gavin Floyd, with a homer
Chone Figgins - A solid 3-for-7, with a home run, as well
Bobby Abreu - Another pitcher Abreu has picked on in the past, he's 4-for-11 off Floyd. No homers, but he's driven in 4 runs
Some Athletics with no Power - The bane of Tim "The Toolman" Taylor's existence, Adam Kennedy, Ryan Sweeney and Kurt Suzuki are a combined 14-for-26 against Vicente Padilla, but have no homers and only 1 RBI between them. The A's did beat Vicente earlier this year, however.

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