Monday, August 10, 2009

Here Come the M's

No Roundups over the weekend, and after one of the most sensational runs that I've ever experienced, Friday put a little bit of a damper on things. A few tough losses meant the weekend off wouldn't be such a bad thing as a nice recovery time, and we were all able to enjoy some heated battles between the Yanks and the Sox. I'm sure everyone know how those turned out. Today, a short card, but no afternoon games, so we can, at the very least, take our time, watch the line movement, and make sure we get some supremely succulent top plays, based on matchups, momentum, and value...

Laynce Nix
- A fresh name for the roundup, Nix is 4-for-11 off Kyle Lohse with a homer and 2 batted in.
Colby Rasmus & Skip Schumaker - Just in case one (or both) aren't in the starting lineup, it's worth noting both are 4-for-10 off Reds starter Johnny Cueto.
Doug Davis - Davis is rounding back into early-season form, and after holding the Mets to a team BA of .190 in his last start against them, he gets the Mets in Arizona. Jeff Francoeur and David Wright are a combined 5-for-29 off Davis.
Orlando Hudson - The O-dawg is batting .368 off Jonathan Sanchez, so we'll see if Torre rearranges his order.
Matt Kemp - Kemp is hitting .385 off Sanchez with a pair of "ribbies".
Russ Martin - Martin's power numbers are still nowhere to be found, but his average is coming up, and he's already 4-for-9 off Sanchez in his career.

The A's
- Jeremy Guthrie couldn't possibly pitch much worse than he did the last time he faced the A's, when they hit him to the tune of a .778 average over just 2/3 of an inning.
Miguel Cabrera - This kid is damn good. To make matters better (or worse?), he's 4-for-11 off Brad Penny with 3 homers and 7 RBI.
J.D. Drew, Jacoby Ellsbury, Casey Kotchman, David Ortiz - All four are batting over .400 off Edwin Jackson with 10 or more AB with a homer and 15 RBI between the group. Jackson has never beaten the Red Sox.
Jose Lopez - Lopez is 5-for-11 off Gavin Floyd, who has a career ERA against the Mariners over 7.
Ichiro Suzuki - He has the exact same numbers off Floyd as Lopez.

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