Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just Play It Straight

Yesterday tried my patience, perhaps the most all season long. It wasn't that it was the worst day all year (2-3 is not good, but palatable), it's that 4 of our 5 teams actually WON their games! The Twins scored 4 times in the 6th inning, 1 inning AFTER our first-5 wager expired. If that wasn't enough to have me yanking out every remaining hair in my head, the Rockies blew their Run Line victory by allowing a seemingly inconsequential solo home run in the 9th inning. So, a 4-unit swing took place, and there's no one to blame but me. I spent a restless night beating myself up for not just taking the Money Line on Colorado, and not playing Minnesota for the full 9 innings.

But, focusing more on the positives, I continued to pick the right TEAM, and if I didn't get fancy with it, we'd have gone 4-1. The Fantasy Roundup is still up approximately 13 units overall, as always, playing 1 unit on every game.

Eugenio Velez
- Velez is 4-for-9 off Aaron Harang, though the Giants got worked over by Harang a couple weeks ago.
Ryan Howard - Howard has homered twice in only 6 AB against Doug Davis, still.......
Doug Davis - Comfortably with the D'backs for the remainder of the season, Davis turns his attention to the scary Phils, against whom he has had some success...some of the Phils regulars' numbers: Pedro Feliz (3-for-25), Jimmy Rollins (3-for-19), Chase Utley (2-for-11), Shane Victorino (1-for-8).
Ryan Zimmerman and Josh Willingham - These two gNats are a combined 3-for-7 off Jason Hammel with 2 homers and 4 RBI.
Matt Diaz - "Ownage Alert" Diaz is a beastly 11-for-20 off ace Johan Santana with a homer and 3 RBI.
Kelly Johnson, Yunel Escobar and Martin Prado - Diaz got his own place on the list because of the ownage alert, but these three Braves have done a respectable job off Johan as well, with Johnson going 7-for-18, Escobar 5-for-15 and Prado 3-for-10.
Hanley Ramirez, Ronny Paulino and Cody Ross - The Marlins haven't seen much of Wandy Rodriguez, but Hanley is 4-for-8, Paulino is 5-for-8 with a homer and 4 RBI, and Ross is 3-for-5.
David Eckstein - The Eckz Factor is 6-for-15 off Joel Pineiro, though, expressing personal opinion, this guy has outlived his usefulness in the MLB.
Aaron Miles - The little goateed Cubbie is a career 6-for-15 off Jeff Weaver, another Dodgers spot-starter.

Ichiro Suzuki
- A reasonable 6-for-18 off Washburn, very much near his career numbers against, well, everyone.
Jhonny Peralta - Peralta is batting .391 lifetime off John Lackey in 23 AB, and has driven in 4.
Shin-Soo Choo - The same Cleveland names keep popping up, as Choo is 4-for-9 off Lackey with a pair of "ribbies".
John Lackey - Need to counterbalance the Peralta/Choo notes with one on Lackey - Travis Hafner is 2-for-20 against him, Sizemore 3-for-18, Asdrubal Cabrera 1-for-11, and the trio Jamey Carroll, Chris Gimenez and Luis Valbuena are a combined 0-for-9.
The Angels - As a team, they are batting .360 against Justin Masterson this year, led by Jeff Mathis's 3-for-4 this season.
Rod Barajas and Marco Scutaro - Barajas is 3-for-8 off Lester with 4 RBI, so he's been batting with men on base, while Scutaro, having a career year, is 4-for-10 off Lester this year, and batting .316 against him overall.
The Boston Red Sox - Let's see, a .500 batting average as a team against Brett Cecil, scoring 8 runs on 11 hits in 4.2 innings against him.
Nick Markakis - Batting a shade over .300 off James Shields in 40 career AB, though Shields shut the Orioles down earlier this year with 7 scoreless frames.

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