Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Run (Line) for the Border

Well, it wasn't a clobbering, but a 3-2 night with a net gain of 80 cents is alright by me. A couple of foolish gambits on totals ruined what was otherwise a pretty solid card, despite forgetting to post Braves in time. Heck, if we did 3-2 every day for the entire baseball season, we'd be up almost 130 units, so there's some fancy math for you. In any case, the Fantasy Roundup continues to plod along, up roughly 13 units on the season, and up roughly 14 since the All Star break, so the profits are coming here in the second half. It should be a goal to win a little bit every week, so off we go on another raucous Tuesday. I'm going to try something slightly different today. Normally, players are listed by team, but not necessarily grouped. Let's try a little grouping today!

Washington - Adam Dunn
- In Dunn's brief experience against Ubaldo Jimenez, he has picked up 3 hits in 7 AB...strangely, no power numbers there.
Atlanta - Chipper Jones, Omar Infante, Yunel Escobar, Garrett Anderson - Some solid numbers from the Braves against Oliver Perez, though Perez has done a good job of limiting damage (against everyone, not just Atlanta). Chipper is hitting .393 in 28 AB with a homer and 3 RBI, Infante is 4-for-11, Escobar is 5-for-10 with a homer and a couple driven in, and Anderson is a scary 3-for-6 with 2 homers and 3 RBI.
NY Mets - Gary Sheffield and Jeremy Reed - The Shef is 6-for-13 off Derek Lowe with a homer and 7 RBI...ducks were on the pond, as the say. Reed is a quiet 4-for-10.
San Francisco - Eugenio Velez - The only Giant with more than a couple AB off Homer Bailey, Velez is 4-for-10 against him at a few different levels of baseball.
Houston - Hunter Pence and Lance Berkman - Pence has absolutely killed Ricky Nolasco, this year included, as he's 3-for-7 lifetime with all 3 hits leaving the yard. Berkman is 4-for-8 for a slightly better average, and he, too, has a homer to his credit. The two have combined to drive in 9 runs against Ricky as well.
St. Louis - Khalil Greene - Pretty impressive 7-for-12 off Chad Billingsley, though not sure he'll be playing.

Detroit - Miguel Cabrera, Curtis Granderson and Placido Polanco
- Miggy is 4-for-8 in his career off King Felix, Granderson has an equally impressive .409 average in 22 AB (with a homer), and Polanco is a reasonable 6-for-15.
The Boston Red Sox - In limited action, Jacoby Ellsbury, Jason Bay, Victor Martinez, David Ortiz, Dustin Pedroia and Kevin Youkilis are all batting over .300 off Ricky Romero
Some of the Blue Jays - Aaron Hill is batting .333 off Beckett in 24 AB, Vernon Wells is batting .321 with 5 homers in 28 AB off Beckett, Lyle Overbay is also batting .333 but in 27 AB, Marco Scutaro is 3-for-7, Adam Lind is 3-for-5 (HR), and John McDonald is 2-for-4.
Baltimore - Nolan Reimold - Reimold has only faced Price 4 times, but he's homered in 2 of 'em.
Tampa Bay - David Price - Price is pitching at home, nothing more need be said.
Minnesota Twins - In rather limited at-bats, Joe Crede (3-for-7), Michael Cuddyer (3-for-8, 2 HR), Carlos Gomez (1-for-2), Brendan Harris (3-for-6), Joe Mauer (3-for-8), Justin Morneau (3-for-9), Nick Punto (1-for-3).
The Texas Rangers - Pavano faced the Rangers in his first start of the year, and gave up 9 runs in an inning. Ugly.
The Royals not named Yuny Betancourt - David DeJesus is batting .393 off Freddy Garcia, Alex Gordon, Miguel Olivo and Willie Bloomquist each .333, Mike Jacobs is 2-for-2, Mark Teahen is batting .318, and John Buck, the weak link, is batting only .294.
Chicago White Sox - Alex Rios - The new acquisition gets a chance to prove himself against Gil Meche, a guy he's tattooed at a .618 clip.
Oakland - Bobby Crosby and Mark Ellis - Crosby is batting .308 off Sabathia in 26 AB, including a homer, while Ellis is at .316 with a homer and 5 RBI in 19 AB.

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