Friday, August 07, 2009

Say No To Armando

Yesterday was a fat no-play, despite some strong leans. Something just never felt right about yesterday's card, so we dodged it altogether. Hopefully, those who normally check out my picks, moseyed on over to Goodfella's or Spartan's top plays. In any case, Friday's a bunch of evening games, so we'll take our time and get all the facts posted, then make some picks soon enough!

Christian Guzman
- Guzman is 6-for-12 lifetime off Jon Garland with a pair of RBI, and now Washington suddenly looks competent!
Albert Pujols - Yes, I realize putting Albert on here is redundant, but he's 10-for-19 against Maholm in his career, with a homer
Nick Johnson - Perhaps the acquisition of Nick Johnson will turn the Marlins fortune in this series with Philly, as he's 5-for-10 against Joe Blanton, who shut down Florida for 7 innings earlier this year.
Chase Utley - Utley is batting .350 (7-of-20) with a homer against Ricky Nolasco.
Miguel Tejada - Just 7 AB against Carlos Villanueva, but he has 3 hits, including a dinger.
Aramis Ramirez - Hopefully the Cubs won't look baked in this one, as Aramis is 3-for-5 off Jimenez with a home run.
David Wright - A blistering .750 average against Kevin Correia, with 2 home runs in just 8 AB.
Adam Laroche - Billingsley retired him twice in Atlanta, but previous to that, Laroche had been 2-for-4 with both hits leaving the yard.
Russ Martin - Russ is batting .444 off Jurrjens; it doesn't seem like a fluke the Dodgers spanked him in Hotlanta.
Dodgers Starting 8 - Besides Rafael Furcal. Might not be a bad game to give Furcal or Casey Blake a rest, as they're combiend 0-for-12 off Jurrjens, but the others are doing just fine. Ethier (3-for-5), Hudson (2-for-6, homer), Kemp (2-for-6, homer), Loney (3-for-9), Manny (1-for-3), and Russ Martin, above, have hit Jurrjens well.
Tim Lincecum - Willy Taveras is the only Reds regular to have even seen Lincecum more than a couple times; advantage, Giants.

Offense in the Bronx
- On both sides of the ball. Despite historically succeeding against the Sox, Burnett has been terrible this year, going 0-1 with a 12.91 ERA against Boston, and most of the Sox regulars hit around .275 against him. On the other side, Beckett is 2-0 against the Yanks this year, but with an ERA of almost 6. Melky Cabrera, Robinson Cano, Johnny Damon, Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, A-Rod and Nick Swisher all bat over .290 against Beckett.
Denard Span - Batting .357 in 14 AB against Galarraga.
Joe Mauer - Same average, same number of AB as Span, but Mauer's got a homer to his credit.
The Jays - It's not every day you get to face a guy named Berken in your home building after performing poorly against him twice at his house.
Kurt Suzuki - 5-for-12 off Brian Bannister.
Adam Kennedy - Kennedy went 2-for-2 off Bannister earlier this year to raise his career numbers to 4-for-8 against him.
Jim Thome - Sowers may want to alert the bomb squad, as Thome is 6-for-13 off him, with half of those hits leaving the yard.
Scott Podsednik - 5-for-14 off Sowers. It'll be interesting to see how the new Sowers pitches against a team that has beat him 4 times this year, already.
Jhonny Peralta - 15-for-50 equates to a .300 average against Buehrle, with 2 homers.
Michael Young - Batting .348 against Joe Saunders, a guy the Rangers have clubbed all over hell and back.
Mike Napoli - Batting .500 in 14 AB against Feldman.
Hurlers in Seattle - Felix Hernandez blanked the Rays over 7 innings earlier this year, and Niemann held the Mariners to a team .167 BA earlier this season. This could very well be a 2-1 victory for somebody. Jose Lopez is the only player with an RBI on either team against the opposing starter.

As always, here's a LINK to Pregame, the land where I try to look smart...

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