Friday, August 14, 2009

This Writeup Took a While

Another winning day yesterday, as we made a few gutsy afternoon calls, and went 2-1 for a profit of 1.45 units (thank you Kansas City for barely hanging on). For the week, we're at 7-4, and up almost 4 units with 1-unit on every play. The Padres game should have been a half-unit flier, but I messed that up, so we gave up a half unit there. Still, the fantasy roundup continues to surge since the All Star break. But enough about the Roundup, let's talk about some games. We have a Cubs afternoon tilt, then a normal evening schedule, so off we go! And yes, this entire paragraph is a link to the easy-to-comment thread!

Andy Laroche
- Little Laroche has some experience against Randy Wells from their time in the Minors; he's 4-for-8 with a homer.
The Red Hot Marlins - The Marlins have 10 hits or more in just about every game this month, and tonight face Jason Hammel, who got lit up by them earlier this year...John Baker homered off Hammel in 2 at-bats, Jorge Cantu is 2-for-4 lifetime with a pair of RBI, and Hanley Ramirez went 3-for-3 in their face-to-face with a home run as well.
Gary Sheffield - Easily the player in this SF/NY matchup with the most history, Sheffield is batting .400 off Barry Zito in 15 AB, including 1 longball and 2 RBI
Joey Votto - Votto has a surprising 9 AB in his career against Garrett Mock, and has collected 4 hits, including one that left the ballpark.
Ronnie Belliard - RonBelly is hitting .421 off Aaron Harang over 19 previous matchups.
Jair Jurrjens - One more reason the Braves love this guy; he dominates the Phillies. Shane Victorino has the most success of any Phils regular, and he's hitting .267 off Jurrjens in 15 AB with no homers and no RBI.
Brian McCann - OWNAGE ALERT - McCann is 5-for-9 off Joe Blanton this year with 2 homers and 5 driven in. He was 1/1 off Blanton before this year for a cool .600 average, overall.
Yunel Escobar - A solid 4-for-8 in his career off Blanton (with a homer)
Wandy Rodriguez - He's not quite as overwhelming on the road as at home, but he's already 2-0 this year against the Brewers with an ERA of 0.64 in those starts, and has held the Milwaukee lineup to a .208 average.
Andre Ethier - Haren-killer of the top tier and walk-off meister, Ethier is 9-for-20 in his career off Haren with 2 homers and 5 RBI.
Manny Ramirez - How about 10-for-20...sorry Ethier, Manny's got 1 hit on ya...
Casey Blake - Despite an 0-for-5 mark against Haren this year, Blake is batting .345 against him from their time in the AL over 29 AB.

Jered Weaver
- Again, another pitcher not quite as good on the road, but Weaver has gotten back into his early-season groove, and today faces an Orioles team that he has neutralized in 3 previous starts, posting an ERA of 1.71. Weaver has done a very good job against Brian Roberts, Adam Jones and Nick Markakis.
Melvin Mora - The only Oriole with mild success against Weaver, Mora is 4-for-9.
Gerald Laird - Laird is 6-for-14 career off Zack Greinke.
Placido Polanco - Polanco is batting .371 in 35 AB off's just too bad the rest of the team, besides Laird, can't do squat.
David DeJesus - In 23 AB against Washburn, DeJesus is batting .391.
Willie Bloomquist - 4-for-11 off Washburn, so decent numbers there.
Aaron Hill - Sometimes the Roundup likes a little perspective...against a very, very good pitcher in James Shields, Hill is 6-for-19, which ain't all that great, but certainly isn't bad.
Carl Crawford - In 59 whopping AB, Crawford has given Doc Halladay a hard time, batting .339 with 2 homers with 8 RBI.
Kevin Millar - I simply had to put him in here. Millar is hitting Shields at a +300 average in 33 AB, but is 0-for-3 this year, with markedly declining skills.
Jason Bartlett - The only other Ray hitting over .300 lifetime off Halladay, but no real power or RBI numbers to speak of.
Michael Young - The ONLY, I mean only Ranger with any worthwhile numbers against Jon Lester, Young is batting .500 in his career at 7-for-14.
The Red Sox - It's a wonder how Millwood shut down the Sox twice already this year; peep these numbers - Jason Bay (.308), J.D. Drew (.429, HR, 5RBI), Casey Kotchman (.333, 3HR, 7RBI), Mike Lowell (.333, HR, 4RBI), Victor Martinez (.429), Papi (.360, 3HR, 10RBI), Jason Varitek (.450).
Travis Hafner - Batting .458 in 24 AB against Scott Baker with 4 homers -- bombs away!
Grady Sizemore - Interestingly, zero RBI and zero HR against Baker despite an average of .353 against him in 34 AB.
Bobby Crosby - 4-for-12 off Jose Contreras with a homer; there isn't a great deal of experience on either side in this game.
Josh Wilson - Figured I could wedge a few lesser known Mariners in here, Josh is 4-for-8 off Pettitte lifetime.
Franklin Gutierrez - 2-for-2 this year and 4-for-10 overall off Pettitte.
Ken Griffey Jr. - I'm not sure these numbers are relevant anymore, but Griffey is batting .310 over nearly 30 AB off Pettitte with a pair of homers.

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