Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Whoops, Here's Yesterday's

Once again, I couldn't be more pleased that I didn't cap yesterday, as a fair number of games were decided late, and it could have been a killer. Missing Saturday was troublesome, given that just about every pick that the Roundup missed on Friday came back to win the following day. We've also been put to task this week helping the Roundup's good buddy Dfresh collect 10 units over the next few days, so the pressure's on!!

Four Little Tomahawks
- That phrase would have worked better if 4 players from Cleveland were getting listed. As it is, they're Braves. Garrett Anderson is 3-for-5 off Max Scherzer with a homer and 3 RBI, Chipper Jones is 4-for-6 with another HR and 4 RBI, Yunel Escobar is 4-for-9, and Kelly Johnson is 3-for-7.
Rusty Ryal - Only 2 Dbacks have ever seen Tommy Hanson, but Ryal whacked him around 4 of 7 times in the Minors.
Hernan Iribarren - I don't know who the hell this guy is, but he faced Kevin Hart quite a bit in the Minors, and is batting .579 in 19 AB. The Brewers would be wise to give him a starting nod.
Giants not named Randy Winn - List format: Freddy Lewis (4-for-9, HR, RBI), Bengie Molina (8-for-24, 3HR, 5RBI), Edgar Renteria (5-for-11), Aaron Rowand (7-for-15, HR, RBI), Pablo Sandoval (4-for-11, HR, 3RBI), Nate Schierholtz (3-for-7), Eugenio Velez (2-for-4).
Jeff Baker - He's been on fire anyway, so a career 4-for-7 off Kevin Correia with a dinger won't hurt the cause.
Chris Carpenter - The Dodgers are worthless against the Cards, and Carpenter (despite allowing a fair share of baserunners) shut down LA once this year already.

Some enchanted Orioles
- Ervin Santana is starting to round into form, but he's had issues with the Orioles healthy or not - Aubrey Huff is batting .412 in 17 AB against him, with a homer, Nick Markakis is 7-for-21 with 2 long ones, Melvin Mora is 6-for-18 (1 HR), Brian Roberts is 9-for-24 (2HR), and Ty Wigginton is 4-for-9 (1 HR).
David Murphy - A cool .500 average off Francisco Liriano, but he's just about it in terms of Texas success against him.
Mark Teahen - There is definitely some prior experience in this Sox/Royals matchup, and Teahen is batting .440 in 50 AB off Mark Buerhle.
Willie Bloomquist - .478 average in 23 AB is pretty solid, but pales in comparison to his teammate Teahen.
A.J. Pierzynski - Bannister has struggled in his last 2 outings, and Pierzynski has a career average against him over .400, which bodes well for the big, bleached blonde catcher...which, by the way, looks absurd
Alexei Ramirez - Also batting over .400 off Bannister, he and Pierzynski both have a home run off Kansas City's starter, as well.
Carlos Quentin - His absence for most of the year was a big hit to absorb, as Quentin, in only 5 AB against Bannister, has homered twice and driven in 4.

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