Thursday, September 24, 2009

Carlos Guillen Burns Indians, Our Wallets

The recap paragraph strikes again! Yesterday was a 1-1 performance, nailing the Under in the afternoon Angels-Yankees tilt, then giving back the winnings when the Tigers decided to erupt for 11 runs off the normally reliable-at-home Justin Masterson. Not a great many games today, but we'll do our best to find a value or two among the small pile of options. Thursdays mark the time we should really be digging up all the sweet footbally goodness, so the extra time afforded to us will be spent as such.

Bronson Arroyo
- Talk about on a roll! Arroyo has made 11 consecutive quality starts, and has already shut Pittsburgh out for 8 innings once this year.
Adam Dunn - Dunn is 4-for-8 off Vicente Padilla in his career, with, of course, one of those hits being a home run.
Chase Utley, Jayson Werth - Utley is a powerhouse 8-for-15 off Jeff Suppan with a homer, and Werth, in slightly more limited action, is 4-for-7, also with a homer
Derrek Lee, Aramis Ramirez - Both of these guys have 6 hits against Brad Penny, Lee in 13 at-bats, Ramirez in 14. Question is, is Brad Penny hitting a wall with his new team?

Hank Blalock, Julio Borbon, Michael Young
- Well, Young is hurt, so he's out, but Blalock is 5-for-7 off Brett Anderson with a homer and 2 driven in; Borbon faced Anderson a handful of times in the Minors and he's 4-of-10.
Joe Inglett - Inglett is 5-for-9 off King Felix, who is facing the team that gave him the most trouble all season.
Brian Anderson - Had to get someone in here on the Red Sox, considering they're facing, um, Anthony Lerew? Anderson probably won't play, but he's 4-for-8 against him.

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