Monday, September 28, 2009

Forget Friday

Friday was a totally WHACK baseball day, but at least we were able to post a 3-1 football weekend to make up for the utter disappointment that was baseball on Friday. It's tough to stay focused day in and day out in baseball, but I'll do my best to stay on point. A positive week is the goal here, and I think we can do it!

Matt Kemp, Russ Martin
- Zach Duke actually pitched pretty well against the Dodgers, but he has had some issues with two of these Dodgers righties: Kemp is 6-for-12 lifetime off Duke, and Martin is 7-for-15 with a homer and 4 driven in.
Hanley Ramirez - Yeah, this kid is good. Ramirez has homered twice off Jurrjens this season, and lifetime, he's 5-for-14 with 3 homers and 5 RBI
Ryan Church, Martin Prado - Anibal Sanchez is almost impossible to figure out these days, but it's a safe bet that two Bravos will hit him hard: Church is 9-for-19 with a homer and 4 RBI, and Prado is 6-for-13 against him.
Lance Berkman, Miguel Tejada - We'll work in reverse order, with Tejada facing off against Cole Hamels just 4 times, but he's 3-of-4 (3-for-3 this year); Berkman has seen a bit more of Hamels, and he's 6-for-17.

Alexei Ramirez
- Let the showdown begin; the White Sox and Indians, the matchup we've all been waiting for...or, any case, Ramirez is 4-for-9 career off Aaron har-de-har-har Laffey.
Shin-Soo Choo - This guy is quietly one of the best hitters in the AL, buried on an awful team - Choo is 4-for-9 against John Danks.
David DeJesus, Yuny Betancourt, Mark Teahen - It seems like there are 2-3 guys on every team that have slapped Chad Gaudin around; DeJesus is 4-for-10, Betancourt is 5-for-15 with a homer, and Teahen is 4-for-11.
Jason Kubel - Porcello Schmorcello, Kubel is 7-for-8 off the promising rook in their first year of face-offs.
Miguel Cabrera, Magglio Ordonez, Clete Thomas - Three Tigers with strong numbers against Nick Blackburn, can they send him back into a tailspin? Blackburn has been very good in his last couple starts, but Cabrera is 5-for-13 with a homer against him, Ordonez is 4-for-10, and Clete Thomas is 6-for-12 with a longball, as well.
Brian Roberts, Matt Wieters, Ty Wigginton - Roberts, the doubles machine, gets another crack at Jeff Niemann, though this one is in Tampa, where Niemann is doubly tough - Roberts is 7-for-15 off him with a homer. Wieters, meanwhile, is 4-for-5, and Wigginton is 3-for-6.
Carl Crawford, Evan Longoria - It's tough to pick just a couple names in this game, with Mark Hendrickson trying to become a starter again. Crawford is 5-for-11 off the giant lefty, and Longoria is 6-for-12 with 2 homers.
Aaron Hill, Adam Lind, Other - Can't really list all the names, but suffice it to say that Beckett does not like facing the Jays. Leading the charge for Toronto are their two young studs, as Hill is 12-for-30 with a homer, and Lind is 5-for-11 with a homer of his own. Beckett has allowed the Jays to bat .318 against him overall.
Jacoby Ellsbury - How about a perfect 5-for-5 off Scott Richmond?
Hank Blalock, Chris Davis, Ian Kinsler - The Rangers have, historically, given Ervin Santana fits, but it's tough to see them with the gusto to fight here at the end of the season. In any case, Blalock is 12-for-30 with 3 homers, Davis is 3-for-8 with 2 homers, and Kinsler is batting .364 off Santana with a homer of his own.
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