Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday Night F...

..antasy Roundup.


It's baseball time, and Mondays are a great day to cash in on the short card. A lot of teams with momentum swings over the weekend generally carry into Monday evening play, though at this point in the season there are a handful of additional factors to ponder. Friday was a 2-1 night with the Yankees finally losing to the Orioles to cost us a sweep. Still, another profitable day, a profitable week, and baseball remains a solid 11 units up on the season (as all of you know, playing almost ALL 1-unit plays). Just think, if we played 50 unit games every night, we'd be up 550 units right now, hahahaha!

Kaz Matsui, Hunter Pence, Wandy Rodriguez
- Matsui is a solid 5-for-11 off Bronson Arroyo, but overall is having a down year so don't expect much; Pence, on the other hand, is having a nice season for a bad team, and is 3-for-6 off Wandy this year, and batting .381 against him in his career. More impressive than the hitting is the pitching -- Wandy is 2-1 against the Reds this year, allowing just 1 run over 18 innings against the Reds, with 18 K's and only 6 BB's.
Ryan Theriot, Derrek Lee - Theriot has been decent against Jeff Suppan, batting .364 in his career, but Derrek Lee's .415 average against suppan since 2004, with 3 homers and 5 RBI in 41 AB.
Dan Uggly, Ross Gload - The Marlins touched up Wellemeyer for 5 runs in 6 innings earlier this year, led by Uggla's 2-for-3 this year, and 4-for-7 lifetime numbers, including a homer. Gload is a remarkable 2-for-3 this season, with both hits homers and 3 driven in.
Troy Glaus, Albert Pujols, Skip Schumaker, Matt Holliday - Ricky Nolasco has not been good against the Cardinals, and with Holliday's career 6-for-8 against him (2 homers) on top o Glaus' 4-for-6, Pujols' 4-for-10, and Schumaker's 4-for-9, this one has 'sneaky over' written all upon it.
Todd Helton, Chris Iannetta, Omar Quintanilla - It's too bad only one of these guys will be in the starting lineup tomorrow, which means Helton's gonna have to do it himself. For the record, Helton is 9-for-17 off Lincecum with a homer, Iannetta is an impressive 6-for-12 with a homer and 4 RBI, and Quintanilla is 7-for-17, but the rest of the team is a fat goose-egg.
Ryan Garko, Edgar Renteria, Fred Lewis - If Bruce Bochy is so attached to Aaron f'in Rowand that he STILL won't play Fred Lewis in this one, the Giants deserve to lose. Garko is 5-for-13 off Jason Hammel from their time in the AL, including a homer; Renteria is a solid 3-of-7, and Lewis has "ownage" on his side, batting a robust 6-for-7 (.857) off Hammel.

Kendry Morales
- Morales, and the Angels, have enjoyed success against Joba, with Kendry at a nice 3-for-4 mark with a homer and 3 RBI.
Robinson Cano, Alex Rodriguez - Cano is 2-for-5 off Jered Weaver this season, and 5-for-12 lifetime; not bad, but A-Rod is 5-for-13 career off Weaver, with FOUR of those hits leaving the yard for a simply ridiculous slugging percentage.
Nolan Reimold - A solid rookie, Reimold gets to face another rook (David Price) that he's enjoyed crushing to the tune of 3-for-7 with two homers.
Adam Lind, Travis Snider - I suppose only time will tell if Snider gets a start for the Jays, but he is already 2-for-2 off Verlander this year, with a homer; Lind is a solid 5-for-9 off Verlander with 4 RBI.
Jack Cust - Cust is 5-for-13 off Rangers' starter Scott Feldman with 2 long balls.
Jamey Carroll - He should see the starting lineup tonight if Eric Wedge sees the same numbers we do - Carroll is 5-for-8 lifetime off Carl Pavano
Orlando Cabrera, Jose Morales - Jeremy Sowers has actually been decent against the Twins, but Cabera is a solid 7-for-17 off him, and Morales is 6-for-11.

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