Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Why Can't I Type Votto?

Let's get one thing straight - the PICKS this week have been pretty good. We're up a little over a unit wagering mostly on underdogs. That being said, the ranking system paid off big-time on Monday, and cost us yesterday with the 2-unit play on Monday hitting, but 2 of last night's 3 winners were of the half-unit variety. Still, regret is a terrible feeling, so the Roundup will instead be pleased with even small victories and plod forward today.

After a monster July, August was a small step back, but we're still up almost 10 units for the season. We made a few in April, lost a few in May, broke even in June, made almost 14 units in July, dropped 5 in August, and now we're up 60 cents in September. I can look up the exact numbers (they're tracked elsewhere), but I believe the final actual number to this point is +9.62.

Scott Rolen & Joey Votto
- Votto has been struggling and got a night off; that, plus Zach Duke, might be just what he needs to shape up. Votto is 7-for-11 career off Duke, and Rolen is 5-for-11, though with their teammates unable to do much off Duke, Rolen and Votto have been merely getting themselves on base.
Ted Lilly - Already 3-0 against the Astros this year, with all 3 wins coming in Houston. Lilly has been significantly better at home than on the road, and the only Astro with any real success against him is Jeff Keppinger, batting just a hair over .300 in their meetings.
Brian McCann - Somehow, McCann has posted 9 AB against Vandenhurk, and he's 5-for-9 with a solo shot.
Ross Gload & Jeremy Hermida - Gload, in particular, has done his part against Javier Vazquez, as he's batting .414 against him in 29 AB, and Hermida is 4-for-9 with a homer.
Felipe Lopez - The one Brewer that has been the thorn in Chris Carpenter's side, going 4-for-5 against him this year, and 7-for-19 overall.
Rick Ankiel & Yadier Molina - Ankiel is 4-of-10 off Dave Bush with a homer, and while Molina is batting .333 against Bush in 12 AB, 3 of his 4 hits have gone above the yellow line.
Ubaldo Jimenez - Somewhat quietly, Jimenez has become one of the best pitchers in baseball, at Coors or on the road. He gave up 3 runs over 7 innings against the Mets earlier this year, letting NY cluster their scant 6 hits in 7 innings. Today, his biggest advantage is pitching at home -- Jimenez does not fear Coors, while most opposing pitchers do.
Brad Hawpe & Troy Tulowitzki - Hawpe has absolutely torched Tim Redding to the tune of 7-for-14, 2 homers and 6 RBI. Tulowitzki is a slightly less impressive 3-for-9, but 2 of the 3 hits are homers.
Stephen Drew - Drew is 12-for-30 off Chad Billingsley, the one true threat in Arizona's lineup against the Dodgers hard-throwing righty.

Carlos Quentin
- He's only faced Duensing three times, but has crushed dingers in 2 of the 3 ABs - maybe better to walk him on purpose?
Carlos Gomez, Mike Redmond, Denard Span & Delmon Young - Maybe it would have been easier to title this one just "Four Twinkies", but what the hell -- all four of these guys have career averages at or above .400 against Mark Buehrle, with Gomez going 8-for-20 with 2 homers, Redmond batting .457 in over 30 AB, Span at .417 with 2 homers, and Delmon Young also 8-for-20 with 2 longballs.
Adam Kennedy & Kurt Suzuki - The Royals got their win last night, so tonight the A's can try to pick on the struggling Brian Bannister, led by Kennedy's career 4-for-9, and Suzuki's 5-for-14.
The Angels...maybe? - King Felix gave up 6 runs in his first outing against LA, then shut them out the next time. It's hit or miss for the big guy, who has allowed Abreu, Aybar, Guerrero, Hunter, Izturis, Matthews and Morales all career averages over .300 against him. Which Felix will show up?
Franklin Gutierrez - Kazmir got plastered by the Mariners earlier this year, and Gutierrez is a big reason why, as he's 4-for-9 against him in his career with 2 homers (1 this year).
Rick Porcello - The kid continues to pitch like a veteran, and he's 1-0 against the Indians already this year, holding them to a team average of .191. That includes an 8-innings, 1-run gem at the beginning of August.
Adam Jones - 4-for-9 off Sabathia, but this is late-season Sabathia, so take it with a grain of salt.
Jacoby Ellsbury - He's been hot, and today faces Matt Garza, against whom Jacob "with a y" is batting a career .346.
B.J. Upton, Carl Crawford & Willy Aybar - We'll see if Aybar's in the starting lineup, but all 3 of these guys have had some measure of success off Josh Beckett, with Upton 6-for-18, Crawford 10-for-30, and Aybar a small, but solid 4-for-6.

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