Friday, October 02, 2009

The Very Last Baseball Roundup!

Well, I admit, I've been getting a little itchy on the trigger finger with the season winding down, and the last 2 weeks should probably have been used to count our profits instead of giving back some, but here we are, learning a lesson in money management when 90% of all teams in the League have nothing to play for. Something of an ugly week, going 4-6-1, and with today being the very final baseball Roundup, we're going to be extra careful not to completely sabotage a fine season of work just to get a play up. I've been sick to my stomach since about 4pm yesterday, unable to determine why I couldn't "Just Say No" to baseball wagers....

Justin Upton
- Upton is a decent 3-for-6 lifetime off Tom Gorzelanny, with a solo homer.
Nick Johnson - The OBP machine is 7-for-16 with a homer and 4 RBI off Joe Blanton.
Carlos Beltran - Another game not worth wagering on, with all the question marks, but Beltran is 5-for-11 with a homer off Wandy Rodriguez.
Ryan Doumit - Somehow, Doumit has seen enough of Justin Lehr for us to get a read on him, and he's 5-for-8 against the Reds righthander with a home run and 3 driven in.
Adam Rosales - Second verse, same as the first - Minor League matchups with Daniel McCutchen has led to a 5-for-10 mark for Rosales.
Christian Guzman - Guzman has given Derek Lowe a very, very rough time, though his lack of power makes his .429 career average less of a threat.
Chipper Jones - This is a bit of a stretch, given Livan Hernandez's solid work against the Bravos; Jones is batting .344 against Livan since 2004, but is just 1-for-5 this season.
Adam Wainwright - The Brewers have been almost unable to touch Wainwright all season long, as the potential NL Cy Young Award winner has gone 3- 1 against Milwaukee with an ERA of just 0.59 and 31 K's in 30.1 innings.
Aaron Rowand - Let it be known, I think this guy is worth about 1/5 of what he's earning, but he is one of the few Giants with good career numbers against Kevin Correia, going 6-for-13 with 2 homers.
NOT Barry Zito - The Padres might very well be Zito's arch nemeses, given that he's 0-4 against them this year with a 5.72 ERA during what has been a resurgent season for the lefty.
Matt Kemp, Russ Martin - The Dodgers, amazingly, fare pretty well against Ubaldo Jimenez, dealing him 3 losses this season already, and a 7.77 ERA; maybe this series will wake up LA, as they'll be led by Kemp's 11-for-24 mark against Jimenez (with a homer), and Russell's 8-for-21 with 5 RBI.

Scott Podsednik
- This little injury-plagued speedster remains a thorn in the Tigers' side, and he's 6-for-14 off Edwin Jackson this season.
Placido Polanco - A career 5-for-6 off Jake Peavy is impressive for 2 reasons: Peavy is tough to hit, and Polanco has managed to face him 6 times, somehow.
Dustin Pedroia, Kevin Youkilis - One of the few Red Sox with more than 4-5 at-bats against Jeremy Sowers, Pedroia is 4-for-11; his teammate is 5-for-8, including 1 HR.
Alex Rodriguez - Just 6 AB against David Price makes this something of a "guess", but he is 3 for those 6 with a home run.
Ben Zobrist, Evan Longoria - The Rays, in general, have made C.C. Sabathia work against them, though with this game being a likely postseason tune-up for the chunkster, it may not matter. In any case, Zobrist is 4-for-10 off Sabathia in his career with one home run, and Longoria is just 2-for-5, but both were homers.
Brandon Wood - No telling who Scioscia will start in this one, but a good bet the youngster gets a chance against a guy he's seen a number of times in the Minors; in 11 career Minor League ABs against Gio Gonzalez, Wood is 5-for-11 with a homer and 4 RBI
The starters in Seattle/Texas - This is a sneaky fantasy option, though I wouldn't recommend a particular wager, at least not yet. Though Brandon McCarthy allowed 4 runs against the Mariners earlier this year, all 4 came on 3 home runs. In total, he held the Mariners to a team batting average of just .192, but couldn't keep it in the yard. Ian Snell held the Rangers to just a .158 average, but like McCarthy, he allowed a pair of solo shots. If these guys could cut the homers even by 1 apiece, we're looking at a 2-1 game at Safeco.

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