Friday, April 02, 2010

Very, Very Warm

Anthony Morrow! I mean, I thought the Warriors would handle the Knicks, but I was pretty pleased with Morrow dominating the 4th quarter! We went 2-1 last night, but hit our BIG play, so a damn fine day, and more profit for the week!

Time is short on weekends, but it's very important for us to take one moment to check out our games.

We discussed the Play of the Week hit on Golden State, and I'll give the Knicks credit - they played harder than I expected, but the Warriors were just indefensible, and the Knicks couldn't quite get back in the game. Thank goodness for that!

The Spurs played like they needed that game with Orlando, and capitalized on a shaky Magic defense in back-to-backs. That game played out exactly as expected.

The Jazz played yet another horrific game at Staples Center. This was the wrong call, as the Lakers just wanted it more, and there simply wasn't enough value with Utah to warrant the pick. Mistakes happen, Utah just stunk, and it's pretty easy to move on from this loss when the other two plays came in so beautifully.

Relatively large Saturday card on tap, we're 8-4 on the week, hitting the one big play, so I'm in a damn good mood!

Sports Wagering

Raptors @ Sixers - This line is OFF. Toronto is going to be fighting for their lives, still, with Chicago on the docket soon enough, and the playoffs in their hands. Lean to Toronto, despite what's sure to be an unpleasant line, and I happen to think Toronto doesn't score quite as well on the road, and this one sneaks Under.

Pistons @ Hawks - This line is OFF. This isn't going to be an easy spot for Atlanta, but it's going to be an even tougher spot for Detroit. This line is going to be huge, but I lean Atlanta, and I lean Over, as I foresee the Hawks putting up well over 100 points in a game of poor defense.

Hornets @ Nets - New Orleans by 2 with a total of 201. I have very few feelings about this side in a game where neither team cares. No lean on the side. The total intrigues me, if only because I'm curious what tempo these teams want to play. I recommend watching this game, see how the two teams want to play, then make a wager on the next one. No lean on the total.

Heat @ Wolves - This line is OFF. Miami needed OT to beat Indiana, so this line is going to come out lower than most expect. Don't be immediately suckered into taking the Miami side, the better value is in the total. No lean on the side. Totals lean to the Under, as Miami tries even harder to slow things down on back-to-back, and what's more, they generally don't shoot as well.

Bobcats @ Bulls - Chicago by 2.5 with a total of 187. The Bobcats are coming off OT, so this line might move to Chicago by 4. Be careful, the Bobcats are much better on back-to-back. I happen to think this is going to be a hard-fought game, and lean slightly to the Bulls, but your best bet is middling this bad boy. I lean Under on the total - nothing is going to come easy in this one, despite both teams being tired.

Thunder @ Mavericks - Dallas by 3 with a total of 195.5. We know Dallas struggles at home, and this one is going to come down to who can get a stop. I lean just slightly to Dallas, since I think this line is deflated because of Oklahoma's hot run and Dallas's tough loss to Orlando, but I also think we'll get a game with a better defensive effort from both clubs. I lean Under.

Suns @ Bucks - Milwaukee by 2.5 with a total of 209.5. This spread is going down, since Milwaukee played an OT game in Charlotte last night. But with a game of two teams on back-to-back, I have to lean to the club with the powerhouse fatigue record, and that's Milwaukee. On the total, if the Bucks are dictating this thing, it isn't going to be quick - lean to the Under.

Clippers @ Nuggets - Denver by 14 with a total of 207.5. I don't think I can bet a game with a spread of 14 unless one team is drinking turpentine before the game. No lean on the side. Denver is going to want to get out and beat the Clippers with superior talent and skill, so no reason to slow it down and make it ugly. Still, can the Clippers score? Doubt it. Slight lean Under.

Blazers @ Kings - Portland by 6 with a total of 194.5. Not a ton of situational value here, with both teams coming off losses, but this line is ultra-high. Kings are a better team at home than on the road, and while I'd love to back the team with more to play for, this line is way too high for my taste. Tiny, and I mean TINY lean to Sacramento. The total looks somewhat low, so I have an early taste for the Over, but I need to see where the money comes.

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