Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Little More Odd Schedule

Recap: How about that! We won the Free Play on the Nationals despite Strasburg leaving with a strained forearm (while dominating the Phillies), and won the Paid Play in extra innings with the Red Sox giving up a few runs to let Toronto tie it, but prevailing. What can I say? Two weeks ago, there was no chance we'd have actually won the extra inning contest, even if we had the more reliable bullpen and the home team. Whatever. As mentioned, 2-0 sweep, now a little 7-3 run a-brewin', and the job is to just post winning weeks the rest of the way and get back some of what we dropped as regular season football approacheth.

Today: Good things are happening, and with the Monday Summer Sizzler on the docket, let's grab a couple more winners. No sense pushing the envelope with the recent corner-turning that has taken place, so let's just do what we did, yesterday. A Top Play 2* for sale for just 15 bucks, and if I can find a Freebie (or two), those will be posted in the forum and right here in this thread!

NO WRITEUPS TODAY - as most of you know, I was either driving, sitting in trademark Michigan summertime construction-related traffic, or at a friend's wedding from about 4pm until about 1am, so no time for a full blog.

Let's talk about the baseball and football cards, though!!
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