Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Last MLB Series of 2010

Recap: I was feeling pretty darn sick on Tuesday, and a little less sick yesterday. A sweep might have brought me back quicker, but we had to settle for 1-1, with a win on the Angels and a loss on the Nationals. Back to multi-sport cards.

Today: Thursday is a true "Orders of Business" day, and here's why...

1) Thursday is a double-podcast day! I'll post the links to each in here, eventually, but be sure to check out the morning show with forum member VegasMatty, and the HERALDED College Football Specialty show with Mike Hook and Sac Lawson. For the most recent episode of "TiSB" at any time, visit this link: TiSB RSS Feed

2) Thursday is an MLB transition to the last series of the regular season! MLB is on a 5-1 run over the last 5 days, a 14-5 run over the last few weeks, and a 40-29 run dating back almost 2 months! Let's finish strong, and since MLB is where we've been buttering our bread, today's Paid Play is out of the MLB, and I love it so much, I'm making it our GAME OF THE WEEK! ADD GOW to CART

3) College Football Returns with a stand-alone game that, to me, isn't terribly interesting. There might darn well be value in it, but I'm not ready to pull the trigger -- if anything changes, CFB Thursday will be FREE here in this thread!

4) NFL Weekly Blog is ROLLING along! If some of you that read this thread AREN'T reading the weekly NFL notes, well, I might just have to pop you one. NFL Week 4 MegaBlog Link

Football Pro Notes...the Sunday ALL ACCESS PACKAGE is still just 22 bucks, but it goes up to 25 on Saturday, so GET ON BOARD EARLY!

I will be selling a play on the NFL Evening game separately, as well, so if you don't want the ALL ACCESS, you can get just the Bears/Giants Top Play for 15 bucks.

College Football Game of the Week goes Saturday! That's for sale, and ALL OTHER Saturday College Plays and MLB Plays will be 100% FREE...AGAIN!

Sports Wagering: MLB

Tigers @ Orioles (-134) with a total of 8.5; J. Bonderman vs. J. Guthrie;
And now it's official, the Orioles are a force to be reckoned with. The Tigers, normally a fairly public team, are catching reasonable underdog numbers in Baltimore, and it just goes to show how things have changed in the old MD. But down to business. The key components of this one, besides the strong opening number on the Baltimore side, are that Baltimore continues to win, and that Detroit seemed to shoot their metaphorical "wad" in the home season finale against the Twins. Detroit promptly went on the road, and looked like utter garbage in Cleveland, and truth be told, it's tough to envision this team getting some sort of life for the last series of the year, when the only thing standing between the players and 5 months of relaxation is a surging Baltimore club. The Orioles are one of the few non-playoff-bound teams that doesn't seem to want the season to end. They struggled a little on their road trip, but finished strong with some good games in Tampa, and though the first game home is often a trouble spot, being that it's the last series of the year, I expect a performance commensurate with the medium favorite line that oddsmakers tagged them with.

Blue Jays @ Twins (-159) with a total of 8; S. Hill vs. F. Liriano;
This line is rather low, but the Twins have locked up that Playoff spot, and they seem to be content to just get healthy and lose a few games down the stretch. I wonder, though, if the road losses in Detroit and Kansas City were just a lapse of focus, and if Ron Gardenhire will get his troops to play harder in the final home series, just to get some momentum heading into the postseason. It's a huge question mark, really, and we've certainly seen plenty of teams over the years just bag it with a week to go, get healthy for the postseason, and completely disregard the final 7-10 games of the year. With that in mind, I would be very, very careful before betting anything in this game. I know Liriano is having one of the quieter dominant seasons for a pitcher, and he could easily shut the Jays down completely, and Shawn Hill has a long way to go to get that arm strength back, but when everything looks so easy, and the Twins seem ready to bounce back, that's when they lose one more. Minnesota's momentum is a huge priority when handicapping this game, so take a long look at how the finale in KC played out, then make a decision.

Rockies @ Cardinals with a total of N/A; J. Hammel vs. C. Carpenter;
I'm curious to see where oddsmakers bring this line out, since the Cards have been getting progressively less public love over the course of this late-season collapse. That being said, the Rockies, much like the Angels in the American League, are not in the Playoffs, played their last home game, and are sniffing the offseason. But, they're separated from that offseason by one stupid road series. For the Angels in the AL, the difference there is that they've had plenty of time to cope with not making the Playoffs, and the youngsters are trying to put together something. For the Rockies, they surged hard, then fell flat, and even looked lackluster in the home series against the Dodgers where they were officially eliminated. A young team like the Rockies that played with all that emotion is still ripe for a few more losses. They might try to end the season with a win, but if this line is low enough, I might consider taking a shot with the Cards, even though Carpenter's had 4 bad starts in a row. Passing might still be best, but the Rockies are in such a letdown spot that I have to at least take a peek.

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