Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Still Cruisin'


: Pittsburgh! Game of the Week! 6-0! Yeah, I'm excited, what of it? With the Pirates pounding the daylights out of a half-focused Cardinals team for another Game of the Week winner, we moved to 6-0 in our last 6 "Big" plays, 9-2 our last 11 MLB plays overall, and 13-3 on our last 16 Paid Plays. Literally everywhere you look, things are "green"... but the onus is on to keep it going!

Today: As seen above..."ONE DOLLAR CAPPER DAY" is in full effect! For those that have been around, you know the story.

For those unaware, Pregame bestows this honor to one capper every Thursday (on a rotating basis, and based partially on who is kicking some serious ass), and this capper (me, today!) sells his TOP PLAY for just A BUCK! I'm not a very good "tout" in general, but I have absolutely no problem hawking my wares for a single dollar. Heck, most of you can find that much in the couch cushions - lord knows I can!

The ONE DOLLAR PLAY is going to come from tonight's compelling College Football showdown in Pittsburgh between the Panthers and the Canes! I've got a nice little angle on this game, so I'd love to get EVERYONE on board to put a few more bucks in the ol' Cartier -- ADD $1 HAPPY MEAL to CART!

And, as always, any MLB plays on football days will be 100% Free! And don't just write these off because they're free, as MLB has been dominant, and the play WOULD have been Paid if not for CFB!

Sports Wagering: MLB

Mariners (-134) @ Blue Jays with a total of 7; F. Hernandez vs. S. Hill;
I've got to believe that the HEAVY sinker of King Felix is the perfect antidote for the big-swinging Toronto Blue Jays. Of course, oddsmakers seem to agree, given the opening line for this one. Tough to back the Mariners anywhere as a favorite, and even moreso on the road. That being said, they did score 6 in a nice win over Toronto last night, tied for the 2nd most runs they've scored all month. Is that a sign that Seattle will put another 4-5 on the board tomorrow, or that they shot their offensive wad for the next 2 weeks? That's the question. The low total suggests Shawn Hill is going to pitch a tad better in this one, as his first couple of starts haven't been terribly decisive. Given what we can see, and how Hernandez dominates almost every team besides the Angels and Rangers, the Mariners could probably win this one with 2-3 runs.

Giants @ Cubs (-114) with a total of N/A; M. Bumgarner vs. R. Dempster;
Don't look now, but the completely irrelevant Chicago Cubs are playing out the string like they're the Cardinals (as in, like it matters...). The starting pitching has been tremendous, and the youth injection has given the offense a bit of a kick in the pants. Obviously, the loss of Tyler Colvin to a freak broken bat impaling accident hurts the offense a little, but the Cubbies have shown late this year that they can, in fact, hit lefties (despite the full season stats perhaps showing otherwise), and they hit Bumgarner fairly well the only time they've seen him, in San Francisco. Dempster, meanwhile, is on a scoreless innings streak (now I jinxed it, didn't I?) dating back a few starts, and his last 2 starts were both 7 scoreless frames, on the road in Florida and Milwaukee, two solid offensive clubs. If Dempster can do that kind of damage to tough, tough lineups, the anemic Giants offense would seem to be a nice next target. Also, the Cubs were home dogs in the first two games, and now open as a favorite. I think oddsmakers are tipping their hand just a tad, and the Cubbies grab this one.

Rays @ Yankees (-139) with a total of 8; D. Price vs. C. Sabathia;
This game made the list because it's a hell of a matchup, and a rematch of a game we saw down in Tampa a little over a week ago, a game the Rays won 1-0. Interestingly, that game featured a posted total of 7.5, saw just 1 run scored between the 2 teams, and this total is higher? Something odd about that. Sure, the stadium could play that role, since the short porch in right field could contribute to a half run on the total, but you'd think that given the star power of the two pitchers, and how the last meeting went, this number seems a half run high. Does that mean I'm playing the Over? Well, tough to bet an Over with C.C. and Price on the mound, but when the number is just fishy enough, well, it deserves a look. I want no part of the side, and I suggest you guys stay away from it, as well.

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