Thursday, October 07, 2010

MLB Postseason, Day 3!

Recap: And just like that, the Playoffs are back up above the 500-mark! Tim Lincecum pitched an absolute GEM, and the Giants got just enough help from the Braves subpar defense to cash in a Winner! So, we lost our first play of the Postseason 2 days back on Tampa, but won a Freebie on Halladay's no-hitter, and now a 2* on Lincecum's 2-hitter. Let's just keep backing pitchers set to throw unreal games, shall we?

Today: I believe you'll find today quite similar to yesterday.

CFB Thoughts/Plays will be 100% Free, if any!

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I'm not sure what I can say other than that it simply will NOT get any cheaper than that. A day is from $15 to $20, a week is $99, and now a month is just $159. So, really, considering I had roughly 40 Paid Plays in September, you're getting each Paid Play for FOUR DOLLARS.

That is all.

Sports Wagering: MLB

Reds @ Phillies (-190) with a total of 7; B. Arroyo vs. R. Oswalt;
Well, to the Reds credit, or maybe to Dusty Baker's, he has been forced to not overthink things (how's that for grammar?), and Bronson Arroyo gets the ball. In my opinion, it's too late. Arroyo would have been a nice choice for game 1, a veteran that throws pitches ranging from about 67mph to 92, able to deal with the pressure and nerves by slowing the game down instead of Edinson Volquez's failed efforts to throw a tighter curve or hum a fastball a few mph harder. But armchair managing is easy. Now that what's done is done, and Doc threw a no-no, so it didn't really matter who started game one, the Reds need to get some sort of momentum, and it starts with a little offense. I suppose if you're going to get shut out, you might as well get no-hit, since it does take a little of the pressure off, but this game might be just as lopsided as the last one. Roy Oswalt is a career 23-3 against the Reds, and is having a resurgent season. Arroyo, for all his fine work as a horse this year, is just 1-5 against the Phils lifetime with an ERA over 5, and you have to think it has something to do with the lefthanded-heavy lineup he'll be facing. This game should be closer than the first one, but I also think that Cincinnati's pen had a workout in game 1, and they didn't even have to deal with the maniac fans that lose their $*** in a tight game.

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